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Graphics Cards

Started by DaveMorton, November 21, 2016, 14:01:17 PM

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Found this on my travels... really makes me wonder why get a 1080 when the 1070 gives 60fps+ most of the time.

And this, which I am not sure about, but appears to be my card keeping up with a Titan X...


Congrats there Freddy  :)

Good price in the end, finally someone here has reached the dizzy heights of 8 GIG VRAM.

Should serve you well for a good few years this one  :thumbsup:


Thanks and yes, I'm looking to get some life out of this one. Thinking of putting the 970 on eBay for £170, which would get me back about £150 if that works out.

With Daz having the Iray renderer working in beta for a while now I should be good to go.

Overall it's much better spending a third of the cost of a Titan X for the same bang.


Looks nice but too underpowered for me, if I was in the market for a new card today think I would go for the RX 470, it's fast enough to max out games @ 1080 and the 8 GIG VRAM would be good for game modding purposes.

Saying that my RX 270 is still holding it's own, if and when I get a game that it can't run then that's the time for my up-grade. Unless I suddenly get a shed load of cash then I might just up-grade for the hell of it. 


Yeah I only dropped it in because it was new and thought it might interest you for your customers or something. I know you like to keep up to date :)


Truth be told the majority of people these days don't need a card, the onboard graphics is easily good enough. Which makes me wonder why these low end cards are even made these days  :scratch-head:

It's a strange one  :-\


True, even for a compact home cinema box you can get away with onboard...

I'll scratch my head too  :scratch-head:


I just noticed that the RX 470 I posted has 4 HDMI on it, hint hint to Dave  ;)


Not according to the specs below : 2 x DP / 2 x HDMI / 1 x DVI-D

DP do look a bit like HDMI though at that angle.

This is what they are calling part of VR ready, so you can have the headset in one HDMI and your monitor(s) in the others. I've had to use an HDMI switch for mine, because I was worried about constantly pulling it out (sorry constable) and pushing it back in again (sorry again).


Yes looks like you are right Freddy, I was going from a customers review:

Quoteexcellent video quality
4 HDMI ports and DVI-D port

An adapter would be needed.

Quote from: Freddy on November 25, 2016, 14:00:52 PM
I was worried about constantly pulling it out (sorry constable) and pushing it back in again (sorry again).

:LOL: you are forgiven.



Was curious about the price of adapters, not as cheap as I though they might be...

I'm guessing Dave would need two of them.

I wonder if I have any, I'll take a look in the bottomless box of cables and gubbins.


Nope the cupboard is bare. Just a DP to MiniDP I think it is.


I have a few DVI to HDMI adapters here but no DP variants. Never had to convert DP yet but in the past DVI to HDMI has always worked when I needed them.

These looks quite nice to convert DP to HDMI.

DP plug to HDMI socket


The adaptors aren't all that expensive, but the card that triggered the pricing of them is. Still, thanks for sending suggestions my way. I'm still looking. :)
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