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How green are we ?

Started by Data, September 02, 2015, 12:01:22 PM

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I've never liked the idea of two graphics cards, the power consumption and heat generation starts to clime considerably.

If we look at the maximum power consumption of a GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB as a good example.,review-33214-7.html

We see it peak @ 428 Watts, add a second card and then it's 860 Watts, give or take, now add a nice CPU and motherboard and we could be looking at 1000Watts of power.

I thought we were all trying to cut down on power consumption, something to do with saving the planet and global warming.

Maybe I'm just soft in the head but to my mind it's completely insane.  :confused:


What's a gaming loop and why does it draw more than the stress test ?

I'm all for saving the planet - I don't drive a car because I don't need one, a few 100 watts extra is just a few light bulbs turned on for a while.

It all depends on what you need it for. I'm going for one card myself and then seeing how it performs. For my purposes I think it will be enough for now.


Quote from: Freddy on September 02, 2015, 12:16:36 PM
a few 100 watts extra is just a few light bulbs turned on for a while.

Are you joking mate, why are we all getting LED light bulbs with power consumption between 5 and 10 watts  :scratch-head:

The entire power consumption of my rig including the speakers, router and the 46 inch screen peaks @ 300Watts when gaming. I really shopped around to find a low power large screen, it runs at 40 watts.

I find it incredible that most people don't really consider these things, the mind boggles.  :eeeek:


You have a car that does more damage to the environment - just saying.

Maybe light bulbs is not a good comparison these days - I was thinking of old light bulbs - I already use LEDs.

How many cups of coffee do you drink ? That's about 2000W for five minutes matey.


I don't know why you are getting so defensive mate, I'm not aiming this at you, this is about saving power where we can.

Yes I have a car with a small engine that does good MPG, again, save everything where you can  :thumbsup:

Kettle ? I used a Tefal Quick Cup for years it took about the 3rd of the power of a kettle, because its power consumption is lower, it only boils the exact amount of water you need and it does it very quickly.

You know I'm right mate  :)

Now this thread is way off, my bad I shouldn't have mentioned power.


I was just arguing the other view, not really getting defensive  :)

My kettle is about 2000W - that quick Cup is 2800 watts so a third for a cup is about 1000W. It looks good though.

I don't use a car so feel I can offset mine a bit. I'm not running an airport here  :LOL:

Cars even though they have a good MPG still pump waste into the environment. It's not just the end use either, consider the cost of manufacture.

You have a cat - pets are one of the biggest costs environmentally - mainly the manufacture and transport of food. Dogs are the 'worst'. Do you want to get rid of your cat though ?

I'm only playing Devil's advocate - I doubt I would get two GPUs...

And for PC's, well that test just indicates the peak wattage. Unless I am very much mistaken my computer or any other is not going to run at peak for hours on end. Compare that to car journeys.

All meant just for discussion, I'm not telling you to get rid of anything :)


If you remember Freddy I don't have cats any more  :( I could argue all your points but I have said all I need to.

Bringing this back on topic.

Average power consumption of these new M.2 SSD's is around  4.7 Watts but they can peak to a massive 7.2 under full load  :o


Yeah I remembered after I posted sorry :(

I'd like you to argue the points, I find it educational - maybe split this thread ?


Data, I hope you don't mind but I split this topic.

Now you got me interested in how much power I use so I went to my provider. My kWh is actually going down.

On average it's about 200 kWh a month, which costs about £20.00.


Good idea to split it Freddy  :thumbsup:

So, How green are we ?

Not green enough but we as the human race are getting there, A rated this AAA rated that, LED lightbulbs, cars that do 80 MPG, hybrid car engines starting to be taken seriously. 

Some people are starting to realise these things when buying their goods and bravo to them  :worship:

All the rest need educating, their little lives (100 years if we are lucky) is just so unimportant, how old is the earth 4.5 billion years I think. I don't know if these people are stupid, selfish or just uneducated,  but they are really good at coming up with excuses.

If everyone stopped to really consider these things I wonder how many power stations could be switched off.  Answers on a recycled post card please  :)


I'm going to send you to China  :D