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Started by DD1975, January 29, 2012, 22:11:21 PM

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Thought some of you gusy would find this article interesting

I'm afraid it does a cracking impression of a 747 on me so I will let you lot debate the pros and cons  :scratch-head:
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That was an interesting read.

Think its going to take a while until we can use this in our PC's, some big changes to the architecture would be needed,,, I think.

I doubt we will be able to plug one of those sticks into our rigs yet.

Think this sums it up:

Quoteit promises faster running, more energy efficient, quicker-to-reboot PCs, tablets and handsets.


I do believe this is a product name for memristers or something very similar.

ReRam, I like it. If they get it right it'll change the computer memory market.

The thread we have is a product by IBM. This product is Panasonic with a similar one from HP/Hynix. I feel they're all using the same new memory property but with slight differences.

The future looks good.

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if they do come out with these soon, I don't vision them in desktops or laptops right away.
I can see them being used in tablets, cell phones mp3 players, and maybe ultra portables  though. As they said in the article the speed are not as fast but close, and
Quote"Flash can only write data tens or hundreds of thousands of times to the same spot before the risk of device failure becomes high," says Dr Boardman.
I do believe this type of memory will be superior to ddr type ram, just not sure on how fast the tech will improve to get it into our main rigs. Who knows maybe in the future a tablet will become so powerful and richly featured they will be considered main rigs  :scratch-head: