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Robot Face Upgrade

Started by, January 17, 2016, 05:10:49 AM

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New Robot Hairdo, an inexpensive wig ordered from China, should be suitable for personal robotics.

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine

Quote from: DaveMorton on February 01, 2016, 22:17:31 PM
Was that my "creepy" post on the screen?  

It's in the background to thank everyone for their
support: Dave, Snowy, Data, Freddy and everyone.  Anyone who may
be lurking about, please take a moment to join and share feedback.

Major breakthrough today... Here's a hint, "She's alive!"
If you would like, you may suggest some questions to ask the
robot for the next demo video.

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine


Thought I noticed the site in the background.

I like it when the bot or robot knows what it is, it seems to add more realism, to me anyway, so my question would be:

What are you ?


One more and you'd have the Beatles there  :D

So in this slant, my question is; Can you sing a song ?