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SATA III PCIe bootable card

Started by Data, October 22, 2012, 16:47:24 PM

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I am thinking about getting one of these, it's a bootable SATA III PCIe card.

I have had varying results before when using bootable cards but this one is only £25 and might be worth a punt, done a bit off looking around for cards and this one seems a good buy with 5 start rating and a good price.

The reason why I'm thinking about getting it is that my PC is still pretty well up there in speed terms just lacking the SATA III.

OK I admit it, I just want to get a WEI score of 7.9 for the SSD and enjoy playing around with some new headwear   :P


Looks good. The first two paragraphs fron the link you sent customer review pretty much say it all:-

"First off, you should know that PCIe x1 slots have a maximum bandwidth of 500MB/s, whereas Sata-III has a theoretical maximum of 750MB/s. But (currently) almost no SSD's exceed 500MB/s (even the best max around 550MB/s), so even though you can't get "full" Sata-III speed from an x1 card, as long as you only plug one device into it, you're probably not going to tax its capability.

Second, if you are looking to boot Windows from a drive connected to this card, your motherboard must support the ability to boot from an add-on card. And even though my BIOS has a setting to "Boot from Add-in card", it wasn't needed, as my motherboard (Gigabyte MA790GS-DS4H) detected the drive plugged into the card just as if it were plugged into any other Sata port. I only had to change the boot order. Not all motherboards may be so forgiving, so be aware."

Good, all round review. Hope your mobo is upto it.

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Yes there is a chance it wont work with my mobo, so it is a punt.

This one uses the ASM 1061 chipset, which seems to be the one to get, from reading reviews its better than the Marvell chipset cards.