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Show us your Bench Mark

Started by Freddy, December 03, 2015, 20:35:21 PM

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Starting this thread as I keep losing my posts  :LOL:

This is from that benchmarking site.

My GPU has gone up from 62.9 to 87.9% and my gaming score from 71% to 92%.
Not sure why but my CPU dipped a little, maybe they changed the test.

Overall score influenced by my ridiculous amount of SSDs, some slower than others. Windows is on the M.2 though so that's the main thing, the other drives I'm not worried about being mega fast.

So it appears this GPU is a bigger step up than I anticipated which is cool.


Actually that CPU benchmark might be a bit prone to being variable - it makes sense if there are background tasks going on, which there are. Just run it again and it's up 5% and it's a UFO again, which makes me smile.

Looks like 100%+ is a UFO.


UFO again, very nice  8)

With your combination of the CPU, SSD and graphics card, well, it's so far out front now that it's out of reach for me and my budget.

Sir Freddy, I'm prepared to crown you winner  :flag:

At least for the foreseeable future   :)

Uber PC you have there  :drooling:


It's a bit of a beast now isn't it.

This spread out upgrading I have been doing is more manageable for me. It does add up though, I don't want to know what I spent  overall in the past twelve months. But like they say, you can't take it with you.

I think I am done upgrading for a while now, the GPU was really the last thing that I wanted. The only other thing I might need is a new scanner as this one is iffy, but that's a lot less than what I've been spending on major parts.

Maybe you could do steady upgrades too, instead of one big one. You know I don't have a car, so I don't have that regular expense. I got lucky on selling old but still worthy parts, which has reduced the cost. And hopefully this MSI card will get me £100 back, so really the plan has worked out okay.