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Show us your WEI

Started by Data, March 30, 2010, 22:48:55 PM

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Nothing to worry about really if it does what you want.  Having said that a new graphics card is on my list, just so one of my games runs a little smoother.  I've been very good and waited probably over a year.  Often I upgrade in the new year, so I might start looking around for something soon.


If you're not a gamer then having graphics over about 5 is more than needed.

This is the first PC I've build for my dad but is his 4th I think. The parts cost about £800 but I didn't skimp. I could've done it for nearer £600 with a bit more thought but he was happy at that price.

I generally say + 50% on any component's speed or you won't notice the difference. That's actual speed not WEI score. I am impressed with the machine. It now has Office etc. in and opening Word for the first time, fresh boot, takes about 2 secs. Those blue circles are a thing of the past. lol

Oh yeah Dave, you've told us your graphics WEI is 3.9  :LOL: Put a £$50 card in and it'll be much higher. But why bother if it's fast enough?
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I don't do anywhere near the gaming that I used to. Heck, I still play Quake 3, and my "newest" game is Guild Wars, so high end graphics for gaming isn't really a priority, but I do waht my 3D renders in Daz Studio and Bryce to go faster than they have, and I don't see much improvement there yet, so I'll probably look for something to help that along some. I just don't think that an improved graphics card will be of much use there, unless there's a way to "tweak" the software to use GPU cycles/memory, in addition to CPU cycles/memory. I haven't seen anything like that yet, but one can always hope. :)
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I found this after doing a Google for "Daz Studio gpu render", it does look like things are moving towards the GPU rendering, I didn't fully read it all though.


SSD drive is up and running, got most of my system back together, taking a break and thought I would test the WEI score and I'm pretty happy with it, the SSD is scoring 7.8  :o

Computer feels quicker to use for sure and booting time.. well I haven't timed it but it feels a lot quicker. Only had windows in a few hours though. 

Looking good so far.       


Wowsers I am catching you guys up now  :LOL:

Both my graphics scores leapt up from 6.9 to 7.8  8)

Looks like it has to be SSD next for me !


Bugger, it beats mine  :'(

The new graphics card is working right then  :thumbsup:, excellent  :)



When you reach the high 7's that extra 0.1 costs loads and makes a huge difference.

Cool card. May you have many years of graphic lovelyness.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thanks Snowy.  Yeah I guess it makes some difference.  This is the most I have spent on a card, probably double what I have in the past.  Found it at a good price though, and it was more or less planned.  Free game included so cannot be bad.

Hopefully this will last me a good couple of years or more.  It will take a while before I can actually get a three monitor set up, but at least the basis for it is in place now if I get taken by madness.

I think SSD should be my next priority though going by what you guys have experienced in terms of performance per pound.

But yeah, nice to have a new toy  8)


I've watch you build this PC up Freddy, it's turning out to be a great cake, the icing will be the SSD.

What is that old saying?

Once you've had SSD there is no going back, hmm something like that anyway  :D 



Thanks I am very pleased with it  :D


Finally got around to this, thanks to a few tips about print screen from a couple of friends here :D

Manufacturer Gateway
Model FX6850
core i7 2600 non c lockable model
Geforce GT 440 1.5GB
8GB DDr3

Intel® X25-V Solid State Drive, 40GB


Very nice CPU score there Syber, I think it's the best or equal to the best we have seen.

But, and there is a but, your disk score is a little low for that SSD, I did a google on that drive and it seems that 7.6 to 7.7 is the average for it, now I am wondering if you have AHCI enabled on your motherboard.

There is an easy way to check, go to device manger and have a look at the IDE / ATA controllers, you should see an Intel AHCI controller, like in the attached image.  

If it is turned off, don't turn it on yet or windows won't boot, there is a registry tweek that needs doing before you can enable it if you installed windows with it turned off.