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Show us your WEI

Started by Data, March 30, 2010, 22:48:55 PM

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I thought it was low, but never really checked into it.
the system already came with AHCI  enabled by Gateway.
I thought maybe cause I have parts of the os features turned off and had other parts on the 2nd drive that maybe that might have had something to do with it. but like I said I never looked into it.

The cpu score is the same as Snowcrash's Dads machine. We both have have the same cpu, He has the k model, I don't remember if mine is the K mode or not.  I do remember there are two models one overclockable and one non clockable. I also remember mine is the non c lockable version.


So you do have AHCI enabled but the score is a little low, hmm being a bit of a PC nerd I would like to know why, just in case I come across it again.

Syber is your AHCI controller made by Intel? Like my one shows on the image on the previous page.

If you don't mind  :)


IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers
Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controler

Driver version


Thanks Syber  :)

I looked into this a bit and apart from the driver being a little out of date I can't really find a definitive answer, I'm getting the feeling you are probably stuck with the 7.4 score, if you go hunting what others have scored with that SSD there are some out there with the same score, and really 7.4 is still pretty quick.

If it was mine I would be trying a few things to get that extra .3 out of the drive but I wouldn't recommend you trying it Syber, I don't want to be responsible for you loosing any data. 

Sorry I can't help you any more.


your welcome Data, anytime :thumbsup:

I appreciate you taking your time and looking out for me  :D
The Last time I re-did my os I updated the SSD drivers so I know that is not the culprit, However I did not think to update the AHCI driver. Maybe someday I will do a driver update for the AHCI, it is not that hard.

QuoteIf it was mine I would be trying a few things to get that extra .3 out of the drive but I wouldn't recommend you trying it Syber, I don't want to be responsible for you loosing any data. 

I don't worry about loosing anything on my SSD for there is really nothing of importance on the drive except the os. I tinker with it here and there every once in a while to try and get a lil more performance.  However I have not done anything recently, do to trying to get my new site built.


  My gateway has an Intel 160 Gb SSD and gets a 7.8 wei, I just put an Intel 320 120 Gb SSD in an Asus and get a 7.6 wei,  I do know from looking at SSD reviews that a smaller drive will be slower.  I'm sure the drive boots faster and it's much better than a 5.9.


Thanks for sharing your findings Cael2. It does boot exceptionally faster than a HHD, My boot time less than 20 seconds  :thumbsup: where as my laptop boottime is well over a minute.


Dropping this in for future reference.  Significant changes with the new SSD  8)


  That is good. 
Congrats,  I jumped in the game to soon, Actualy wasted money, Prices are much more resonable now.


nice WEI there Freedy, congrats


Thanks guys.  Yes prices have even gone down within the week.  I got mine at £95 and now I see Amazon have it at £90 today lol


As we approach the release of Windows 8 the prices of computers released with Windows 7 will drop dramatically since all of the new computers will have Windows 8 in them. It's funny but I'm still not seeing very many computers being built with the solid-state drives and the ones that are are very expensive.
Carl 2


Are you blokes ready for a good, hearty laugh?

This is the WEI for my install of Windows 8 through my VirtualBox install. I'd say "Blimey!", but even that doesn't cover it! :o

Odd, though, that it's got a higher score than the desktop unit it lives in does...
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I take it there was not a graphics driver available  :P
Hope you don't plan on doing major rendering or intense gaming within windows8


Oh heck no. In fact, I'd doubt I'll have Win8 still installed on this box this time next week. I just wanted to see what it looked like, and I've more or less decided that I'll be sticking with 7 for a while longer.
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!