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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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No I removed all IDE drives when I got that new graphics card.  It's all SATA in there now - atm 1 HDD and 1 DVD-RW.


That's good then, I only asked because AHCI and IDE drives don't mix to well.


I shall be doing this soon with my flatmates rig.

Do you know of issues with IDE DVD drives when AHCI is on? Or is it just IDE HDDs?
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You sometimes have to run the AHCI in compatibility mode to get the IDE to work right, also having any IDE drive, be it DVD, HDD or whatever will slow the boot down.

I would get a SATA DVD drive for about £15 with the SSD and go SATA all the way.

Saying that you will be able to get it to work with an IDE drive if he doesn't want to splash out any cash on a new DVD.


Freddy, when will your SSD arrive? 


I'm not sure - I went for the free delivery option.

BTW, Amazon have pretty much matched that price today..


I find ebuyer normally takes 2 to 3 working days for the free delivery, it might turn up today I'm thinking, they sometimes come in the afternoon for me.   

Fingers crossed.

Not sure why but I'm excited for you  ;D


It is pretty exciting, always brightens things up when a new toy is on the way :)

I'm looking forward to getting rid of all the junk I have installed on this too, fresh start.


So has it turned up yet Freddy, I mean it should be with you by now   :scratch-head:


Yeah it turned up today  :D

I'm not going to install it till Sunday though as I have some gaming lined up for Saturday and it will take me a while to get it all done.

Exciting stuff :)


congrats on getting the ssd in today.


Thanks Syber :)

Quick question - when my PC is idle I have a feeling it is de-fragmenting  drives - is that the case ?

And SSDs should not be defragmented - so how can I turn that off ?

Or am I completely wrong ?


More likely, it's Windows Search indexing the drive. Win 7 detects whether a drive is an SSD, and more or less "refuses" to defrag them unless you do so manually. So I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. :)
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I have search indexing turned off on my SSD, no real point in having it on just for the OS drive and games drive.

Right click properties on the drive in windows explorer, the setting is in there.


Hello Mr PC Doctor.

I am getting there, the worst part so far was building the SSD braces, soooo fiddly, I had to attach the braces to the SSD before putting it in the machine.  Why don't they magnetise all screws grrr !

Anyway, the SSD is in there, and Windows Device manager can see it.

I made a restore point too.

In my BIOS, under "Storage Config" I see that at the moment it is set to IDE.  So assuming I am looking in the right place, later on I will have to change that to AHCI.  So now I have to do the Windows regedit thing first.

That's where I am.  But I have a question.  How can I find out what version of Firmware the SSD has ?

Looking at the link for Firmware, I see that currently : *CURRENT FIRMWARE RELEASE is v2.22 btw...

Cheers :)