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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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Quote from: Freddy on April 30, 2012, 14:35:15 PM
Hello Mr PC Doctor.

I am getting there, the worst part so far was building the SSD braces, soooo fiddly, I had to attach the braces to the SSD before putting it in the machine.  Why don't they magnetise all screws grrr !

Anyway, the SSD is in there, and Windows Device manager can see it.

I made a restore point too.

In my BIOS, under "Storage Config" I see that at the moment it is set to IDE.  So assuming I am looking in the right place, later on I will have to change that to AHCI.  So now I have to do the Windows regedit thing first.

That's where I am.  But I have a question.  How can I find out what version of Firmware the SSD has ?

Looking at the link for Firmware, I see that currently : *CURRENT FIRMWARE RELEASE is v2.22 btw...

Cheers :)

Yes that's all correct :thumbsup:

Run the OCZToolbox.exe (PC must have AHCI enabled) it will check if the drive version is up to date and then you can up-date if needed.  

The OCZToolbox.exe is in the zip when you download the firmware.


Thanks mate  8)  Onwards and upwards...


Hmm did regedit, enabled ahci - booted almost then BSOD....will revert to ide...

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Sounds like AHCI isnt on.

Depending on your BIOS you might find the AHCI setting in SATA configuration,
Where ever it is just set it to "AHCI enabled".

Have another loock in the BIOS.


OK maybe I changed the wrong thing...I will dig around :)



Well I don't know what I did wrong the first time, but I tried the same thing again and it worked I think.  I noticed that when I looked in Regedit, the value was back to 3, so I must have messed up.

It booted this time and installed the AHCI drivers and machine is back to life :)

Need a smoke, then I will see about this Firmware !


You had me worried there, feww,  :)

Should see the AHCI in device manger now.


Yeah got that too now :)


Firmware upgraded too now and yes I was feeling nervous too lol

OK now in windows I have to make the partitions..


OK lost do I create my partitions please ?  It's not coming up in drives yet, but like I said it is in devices... ::)


Right click my computer, Manage, Disk Management.


Don't worry about it too much now but you have what looks like the wrong driver in for the AHCI in your attached image, It shouldn't really say standard, the driver should know exactly what it is.

Will have another look at that once you have windows installed on to the SSD.  


Cool do I just accept whatever windows defaults to ?

It's giving me the option now of MBR or GPT...

MBR is what it has defaulted to as an option.