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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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OK thanks.  Sorry to keep bothering you  :o

I guess the word 'partition' is the same as 'volume' ?

So what I do here is right click the 'Unallocated' space and choose 'New Simple Volume' and make a 50GB partition for W7 ?

Then do I make a second partition with the remaining space for all the games and stuff ? much you charging me per question again ? :D


You are going to pay me for this? LoL, you might feel like you need paying when it's all done  :D

Just make the one volume for windows, don't format it, and do the other once windows is installed onto the SSD.


 :LOL: I enjoy it apart from the parts where my heart is in my mouth..

OK partition made, not formatted...

On to next step...disconnect drives except SSD and DVD...and then install Windaz.

Cya soon !


Good luck, see you in about 20 minutes :)


Well now this seems to have worked...
Currently updating windows atm...
And it seems very fast :)

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Good good

Yeah, I bet service pack 1 is in there too, I always turn system restore off during the first lot of up-dates, It makes restore points of some of them, that can take up space for no reason.

Of course I turn it back on once it's all done, including drivers.

You can delete all the pre service pack files once service pack 1 is installed, there would be no reason to revert to pre SP1 and it will get back quite a lot of space.

That can be found in the disk clean up utility by right clicking on the drive.

While you are there turn off "Allow files on this drive have contents indexed" that will give you more space and look after the SSD better. 


OK I think I updated everything, service packs, updates, chipset, graphics...

Using disk cleanup it only saves about 80Mb, but maybe I have missed something - I don't see where to remove the pre service pack files...

Anyway I think I must have got something right, here's my WEI now...

Windows is taking up about 24GB at the moment.


Looks good  :thumbsup: yeah happy with that. :D

To clear the pre service pack files, run the disk clean up and put a tick in "Service Pack Backup Files".

I was expecting a score of 7.7, I think if you had the PC clocked up a bit like me you could get it to 7.8, and I think that is down to the CPU speed mostly, I've noticed when you copy large amounts of data to and from the SSD it can use a lot of CPU.

But don't clock your PC like me  :P, its ok I know you wont  :)

7.7 is good, I would say its lined up right and working in AHCI.

I bet it boots quick, but have you noticed how fast it shuts down, all ways gets me just how fast they shut down with an SSD.


So its make a the new volume with the remaining SSD, windows will probably give it E: drive as its letter, you might want to change the DVD drive to a higher letter and then make the new SSD volume D: drive. You can do all that in the Disk manager.

Once you connect up the HDD you might have to change drive letters around to suit your needs, I would do all that before you start installing your programs. 


Yeah I am happy with that, I had a feeling it might be because you overclock.  I am pleased :)

I am a step ahead of you, I already connected the HDD as suggested and could access all my storage partition fine, where I had most of the stuff I needed to update like chipset and graphics stuff.

And yep I was confident enought to sort out the second partition on the SSD after doing it once.

I tidied up a bit and now I think Windows and a few other things is about 23GB...

I'll probably just leave the drive names and stuff as they are.  It was a really good idea of yours to put my OS on a partition on the old SSD.  At least I have the peace of mind now in that if it goes pear-shaped, I can still boot up from the old HDD.  SO I will leave all that on there for now, the drive is massive anyway.

I should mention I also put IE9 on the SSD, Windows Live Mail and Security Essentials.  Actually IE9 seems pretty good and is really quick, I think I will give it a try for a few days.  I was able to inport all my bookmarks that I had the forethought to extract from Chrome.  And it looks like IE9 is shaking hands with MSE so it might just be best to go with the flow maybe.  Successfully imported all my email and that's all up and runnning again now.

It does boot a lot quicker and shut down is very quick too you are right.  Genreally the whole thing is a lot faster !

There were a lot of updates, I still say the hardest thing was getting the blooming brackets on the thing in the first place !  LOL.

Time for a coffee and a smoke me thinks :)


And thanks for your valuable assitance  :D


You are more than welcome Freddy and I'm like Dave, I like helping people out  :)

Sounds to me like you have it just where you want it  :thumbsup:

But what is this, Freddy and IE9? Steady now, have a sit down and think for a while  :LOL:   


Haha, well they copied the best bits from Chrome didn't they  :P


Quote from: Freddy on April 30, 2012, 21:02:21 PM
Haha, well they copied the best bits from Chrome didn't they  :P

Good point  :LOL:

IE9 is quick in 32bit but it's even quicker when you run the 64 bit version, type explorer in the start menu, it brings up the 64 bit IE9.

Some times the odd site doesn't run quite right in the 64, so I have a short cut to both, just in case.


Yeah I have the 64 bit running at the moment, it's just about as quick as Chrome.

Thanks for the tip re 32 bit version  :thumbsup: