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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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I just got up this morning to find that my newest Virtual Machine (Mac OSX) has completely filled one of my SSD's to capacity, and since I've always got at least one VM running all the time, this is a bit of a problem. That particular SSD is only 120GB in size, and I don't want to hassle with playing "musical drives" to get more free space, so I'm looking at picking up one of these. Only 23 reviews, but the vast majority are top ratings. I already use a number of SanDisk products (mostly SD cards) and my experience is that they make quality products. Plus, the price for the size is pretty decent. :)
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Very good price, looks nice. I wondered about the SanDisks too, but I have a lot of space left, even more now that I moved a lot of stuff to my NAS.

I removed my final HDD from my main PC today. So long and thanks for all the fish.


I've used a lower spec SanDisk SSD for a customer, it worked fine, still is, but it was a little slower than I expected, however that one you linked to Dave is around 500MB/S both Read and Write. Looks good to me  :)


I looked at the specs pretty closely, and was mildly surprised that they were a lot better than a similarly sized OCZ drive, while also being about $50USD less expensive, and with a higher customer rating to boot! My only real concern is that I really can't afford to spend another hundred dollars when I have no real income at the moment. I really need to find a job. :(
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Quote from: Data on December 10, 2014, 18:42:03 PM
I think any doubts we had about the lifespan of SSD's have been kicked into touch. None of our members have had any failures, none of my customers have either, the technology is proven in my books.

I think I might have a problem with mine Houston.

A few times now when I have started Windows I'm getting a problem. It runs check disk before booting into the desktop. This is not on my OS drive but on the newer Samsung drive with games and a few other things on it.

Check Disc runs and does a few things. It told me a few times it found corrupted files. About a week ago it did this and it deleted my file I use to store passwords (I had backups). Today it decided to delete my LOTRO exe file, which is just too far !

I don't understand how Windows can just delete files if it feels like it.

Is my SSD failing ?


First backup everything on the SSD then turn off the PC and disconnect the SATA leads from the SSD and mobo, give the leads and sockets a little clean out to make sure it's not a dust or dirt problem. then see how it goes for a while.


I'll backup the important stuff then. I'll leave just the games on there for now.

LOTRO won't run now of course, so that probably needs reinstalling. Need to check when I bought it, think it was in July. Will still be under warranty. I can't see any dust getting in there, it's in a very sheltered spot behind the CPU.


I've had HDD's that were glitchy because of a bad SATA connection, it is possible that something got into the connections mate or maybe a lead isn't properly seated, it's worth a look I say. 


OK I'll move a few things to my main drive.

I guess the LOTRO file is totally lost now then ?


If you have another SATA lead to hand try that too.

Yes the LOTRO.exe is probably lost  :(

But, If the game is on Steam you could just verify it and Steam should replace any missing files.


There's not enough space to move the entire game library to C. I'll leave the games on there for now. I'm moving important stuff like my XAMMP install.


It's at times like this when a good old external HDD can come in handy.

I don't know if Samsung do some kind of SSD checking tool but if they do...


Well I have the NAS, I still had some stuff to backup on there. I wasn't bothering with games as they can easily be replaced. It's things like programming projects and web work that I really need to secure.

If the SSD is screwed it would probably be best to do fresh installs of the games anyway.


As long as you have the important stuff backed up  :thumbsup:

If it is the SSD then you are quite lucky it didn't fail completely, it could be worse  :)


I have a lot of backups  :D  I backup to my NAS and I also use Windows OneDrive. Like I said it's mostly my programming stuff that I keep safe. Like the AIML interpreter, that took me months so I would want to lose that.

I've got Acronis doing other backups too.