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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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I think it's broken. It keeps freezing now too. Going to shut down and check connections as suggested.


Checked for dust, none. Pulled out leads and put back in again. Used another SATA cable that was working for my HDD.

Booted and windows went into Check Disk again, promptly deleting more stuff. How can they let it blindly delete stuff  :headbang:

Think I will get it replaced.


Oh well, you have done all you can do, sounds like the SSD is on it's way out.  :(

You could try a firmware up-date for the SSD apart from that I don't think there is much you can do other than RMA.


Well it was running since the end of May with the same firmware, so I will contact Amazon to get it replaced. Thanks for your help :)


Amazon are refunding me in full. Just need to send it back to them.

I think I will pull the other identical Samsung from my Linux box and use that instead. Which means I could use my old HDD for Linux instead.

So that's £90.00 back in my pocket. No questions asked.

I just found corrupted files in the stuff I copied over, I think it's safe to say it's a gonna.


It is a shame that the first SSD to fail for us lot was the Samsung and it's not even that old, I was thinking of getting one for the high speed but now I honestly don't think I will.


I'll give this other one a try, I might just have got a dodgy one. Most people seem okay with them, thought there are odd reports of failures. To be expected I suppose, tech is never fool proof, just look at HDD, they only live so long. But yeah a lifespan of just over six months...would have hoped for better.


Tried to format it to wipe it and it completely died. So I pulled it out and have sent it back. Interestingly Windows is booting quicker now. It had slowed down a bit, but I had put that down to having installed a lot of stuff. Seems not.


Think I will use SSD in my Linux box after all. So I'll pull the 240GB one out and was thinking of popping one of these 60GB SSD's in.

Have not seen them before but they are fast and reviews are good...


Looks worth a shot, especially for the money, good make and should be easily big enough for a Linux install.


lol I remember picking up a 60GB SSD for my XP install. Cost me something like $100 at the time. :) Corsair makes some great quality products (my liquid cooling system and PSU are both made by Corsair, and I have yet to have a single problem with them), so I think you'll do well with that drive. :)

Got the floor and 80% of one wall done on the dog house. It's taking far longer than it should, darn it. Those poor pooches are going to have a cold, wet night. :(
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Yeah I have a few Corsair things, they are high quality.

I think I went overboard on the SSD for the Linux box first time around. 240GB I am never gong to fill - it's mainly going to be serving my AIML bot Jess. As well as speech. 60GB is plenty. It's really the speed I need more than the capacity. Plus the SSD runs cool and makes no noise - eventually it will be on 24/7 once I start building Jess on there.

I might put a few other things on there, but probably no big applications or games.


That's ordered. I used the datahopa link to Amazon :)



Got the drive today, noted that it is SATA 3 too.