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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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Quote from: Freddy on August 06, 2015, 14:50:01 PM
Data your i5 is holding on well too.

Hehe, yeah it's not doing bad, so far I haven't hit a bottleneck with it in any game engines, for the price and its low power consumption (69w) I think it's nice little CPU, for me :)

A new SSD is on the cards though, if I install W10 or not.


Same here, once I can verify that a dual boot install is possible. Otherwise, the Win10 install will have to wait till I feel comfortable with the whole "tweak it till it behaves" process. For my box, that's a major undertaking. :P :)
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Some new toys on the horizon....

QuoteSamsung begins mass production of 256-Gigabit, 3D V-NAND Flash


Faster, more capacity and cheaper.

The future is looking very bright for SSD's  8)


I noticed that TDK are going to launch a range of SSD's, haven't really looked into the specs but I did like the make when then made cassette tapes, they were some of the better ones. Could be a manufacturer to keep an eye on.


Hmm! 180MB/s? Thought state of the art was more like 450-600MB/s
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  I just took a look at the ssd's at newegg,  Intel is selling a 480 Gb for 179,  since I've always liked the optical drives from Plextor I looked at them also, 256 Gb for 109.  Kingston has a 240 Gb for 79.  Prices sure have come down.  A Kingston 480 Gb for 213, unbelievable that Intel is lower. 


Snowy, think that TDK  link I posted was a bit out of date, my bad.

If you are looking for the fastest SSD's then at the moment Samsung leads the pack, I got one for windows 10 and it is pretty quick  :thumbsup:

Have a browse through this list.


  I have to admit they do look good in both speed and price.  I had to look at Newegg again and came across a PCI express 3 SSD,  the numbers seem unreal and the PCI 3 has a Data Transfer Rate: PCIe 3.0 = 8.0GT/s,  Not sure if I understand this so here are some links.

  Perhaps you could explain it to me


I will try to explain them but to be honest I have never used one or worked on a PC that has one.

They can be a lot quicker than normal SATA SSD's because they don't have to send the data down the SATA bus through a cable. They connect directly to the PCIe bus which gets over the SATA bottle neck.

The downside to them is that your motherboard must be fully compatible with the technology, it must have PCI-Express 3.0 and be able to boot from PCI-Express 3.0 as well.

That is about it I think.   


  Thanks, I read a few more reviews, one person has said about 5 times as fast as a regular SSD,  and most people are saying what motherboards they are using.  The Gateway is still using the Sata 1 while the HP has twice the speed,  I can see a little difference in the speed but not all that much.  The reviews also mention updating bios and I'm pretty sure most are custom built.  Reasonable price, motherboards "ASUS X99-A"  $260, good reason to build.


I think my MB will do that, I think I nearly bought the Asus X99-A, but it was out of stock so got the next one up. Will look tomorrow, but really as far as the disk is concerned I'm happy with the speed. My target is still a new GPU.


  I didn't realize Freddy was also a builder although I knew he was interested in the GPU.  I'm very satisfied with the startup time of both computers BUT  I did learn the computer is not limited by the CPU it is limited by the speed the info can be delivered by the drive and PCI is faster than the Sata.  Actually just eliminating the password is probably the most time saving.
  I know that if I watch a video downloading from the internet at a slow speed the video will be messed up because the info is not being delivered fast enough.  Data is probably better at giving the correct solution though.  I'd like to see how much it would cost to do a build.


Yeah I build my own now - I think I started back in 2005 around the time I started AiDreams. I think it's the best way, it saves money and it's more satisfying.

QuoteActually just eliminating the password is probably the most time saving.

:LOL: Yep that's probably true !

My boot time is about 14 seconds now - there's a few more things that run at start-up now.


Yes you are right Carl2, removing the password decreases boot time considerably, I've also noticed that win 10 is starting to boot even quicker for me now, it must have settled down.

Been doing a bit of hunting around for mobo's that fully support booting from PCIe and it seems you need an intel 9 series chipset, so you would be looking at either Z97 or X99 chipset mobo.