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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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Quote from: Freddy on November 16, 2015, 14:20:20 PM
Got an email from eBuyer about that first SSD - they found it was faulty, so maybe they could be used in my MB.

I think this is fortuitous though as I get the better piece of kit in the end.

Oh it was faulty, well that might explain something then.

But yes it made you get the faster PCIe drive, worth it in the end, agreed  :)


  From what I'd read it seems like Freddy put a faulty drive in his computer, seems good and a good drive should give better results. Best of luck.


Thanks Carl - yep it was odd about it being faulty, I just thought it was not compatible.

This new M.2 seems to be doing okay though, everything is nice and quick.


Freddy I have been meaning to ask you but keep forgetting.

Have you noticed any problems with heat or slowdowns from the M.2 ?


No mate I don't think so - you were right it seems to be doing well. It's always very snappy.

My case internal heat sits at the same 25 degrees each day. It only goes up to about 30 when I do a lot of rendering which is to be expected of course.

But no - no extra heat that I notice.

It's so quick with unzipping and things.


  As far as solid state drives, I'm using a 120 Gb with win 8.1 on it and I'm just beginning to notice a slight slow down on start up.  I've got a pic of a window and a pic of me on a startup screen, usually I just see a sec of the window and then the desktop, now I see a little more of the window and can now see my pic swipe by.  I think the 120 Gb is too small, now that prices are better I've been buying 240 Gb.  I also have the webcam up there could be that.


Glad you're doing good Freddy, I really like that setup you have there, I have to keep track of Intel since they have new cpu's coming out, I'm actually still happy with what I have though and no place to put another one.


Thanks for the up-date there Freddy, if I was to build myself a new system today it would absolutely have an M.2 in there. That is some machine you have there now  8) and I'm not just typing that for nothing. 

I'm with Carl2 as well, my system now is fast enough for what I need, no rush to up-grade but I know one day it will happen.


Thanks both, yes it's nice to have the speed and it's really proving itself with the work I am doing currently. It's worth buying things in stages instead of a whole new build, at least for me. I would rarely have enough money at any one time to be able to do a full new build, so yep I do it in stages

Have you guys seen how cheap some brands of SSD are now ? I get a lot of emails from hardware companies, they seem to be hammering the prices now.


  I just took a quick look at the SSD's  prices seem to be getting better, larger drives and lower prices.  On builds I'd rather put in components that don't need to be upgraded, spend the money once and have it done with.  Freddy has been able to sell parts which I'd rather not get involved in.   Nice to see all my SSD's are being used without problems. 
  I'm getting a bit shy of HP since they have their own motherboards made and cut expenses by leaving out features.


If you time it right and swap things out every year or two you can half the cost of upgrading - things just need to be in demand still.

Like my nVidia GPU was £250 and I sold the old AMD for £130.


We don't want a single m.2 do we, how about 3 in RAID 0  :drooling:

Check it out  :D



Huge capacity, not as fast as PCIe M.2.

Impressive all the same.