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Solid State drives

Started by Carl2, March 29, 2010, 15:10:12 PM

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  I've put a SSD into one of my computers, got a reduced boot time and a performance score of 7.8 using the Intel 160 Gb drive.  I found what I thought was a good price for a solid state storage drive and bought it, a Kingston 64 Gb.
I put it in the computer,  and put some video editing software on it, MS Works, and Quake 4.  Last I put the virus protection in, Norton 360,  It had to go to the C drive. 
   Everything works, the performance index went down a little but the boot time is the same.  The Intel toolbox works with the Intel Disk, it takes a lot longer to optimize the drive, the toolbox will not optimize the Kingston disk. 


You haven't said how much you paid?

I have a 10,000 rpm velociraptor and get a score of 5.9  :o my lowest score by far.
That cost £120 for 150GB

Price is the only thing stopping me upgrading.

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  Don't generally talk about cost but you asked.  The Intel 160 Gb was about $500, the Kingston 64 Gb was $135.  That's not counting the raid array I tried before going to ssd, I got reads of 274 Mb, writes of 240 Mb but the same boot time,  Win performance of 5.9.   I bought the computer from Gateway and thay put in a Intel core I7 950 which costs about $550 and I felt I should spend a little extra.  I had at one time in the past tried the WD raptors, think thay were 80 Gb each.  I had two in a raid 0 wasn't inpressed by them.  The Velocity raptors are better and I've heard good things about them.


7.8 is an impressive score, ok it did cost but I guess that's the game, if you want the latest in PC technology you have to pay for it.

If I had the cash I would get one of them Intel drives, I know that people are getting some great speeds out of them.

Thanks for the info..  nice rig.

Quake 4? Do you play Quakelive Carl2? I do.



  I took a look at the chart, noticed the Intel was 80 Gb, 50 nm, a smaller drive generaly means lower write speeds, 50 nm means it's generation 1. Generation 2 is out and gen 3 will be selling fairly soon.  I didn't like the lower R W speeds ot Intel but my experience with raid seemed to say these numbers didn't mean much.  Intel is a large company and the majority of the reviews for Intel were very good.
  I've got Quake 4 in the other computer, I play it every so often to see how long I can stay alive.  Not my type of game, never liked war movies, joined the Air Force so I wouldn't be running around with a gun.  I'm guessing Quake alive is an online game, haven't tried it.


Is incredible how fast these things move on it seems only a little while ago that SSD was lunched and now they are at gen 3, well soon. Thanks for the heads up.

That chart must be out of date already.

Regardless of speed I personally think Intel is a good brand, I've never had a DOA cpu from them and they have been around for a long time now.

In the Air Force, I admire all members of the forces, they do a job that most people wouldn't want to do. Bravo

Quake live is a free multiplayer game, I used to play it quite a lot but haven't for a while now.


  Just learned about this yesterday,  here is the link

  You can use SSD in a raid array and have drivers that support raid.  I've seen test results of SSD raid arrays, must be without trim, but now you can also have the trim.


Once again Intel leading the way, very interesting.


I still can't justify the expense even after my recent spending fits on PSUs and what not.


  I really got carried away, I got the same boot time from Gateway, as Asus, I paid twice the price for the Gateway. 1 min 40 sec is too long for the price.  You're better off waiting till the dust settles and prices drop.  Thay have just introduced Sata 111 motherboards and Sata 111 SSD's which are faster and prices are going down for the Sata 11's. 
  I usually wait myself, found there is a right time to build.


Just looked it up, SATA III is also called SATA 6.0 Gb/s depending on who is talking about it.

Nice. 6.0 Gb/s, should be fast enough for a few years.  :)

It seems they are getting ready to make much faster SSD's in the future.  



  Just seen two models of SSD's using Sata 3, naturally I had to look at the motherboards but it will have to wait this time.  I'll mention this now while it's on my mind, Intel will be making smaller dies for SSD's this will result in lower costs but it also decreases the life of the SSD.  Read this in one of the papers, bothers me a little.
  Freddy possibly a good decision, the prices are already droping, they are supporting raid, generation 3 will be coming pulling the prices down further.


I guess if we wanted to we could get an SATA III pci card for our current computers.

I don't like the sound of reduced life, particularly when its something as important as all my work, files etc.  ::)