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System Memory

Started by Carl2, June 06, 2015, 15:00:03 PM

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  I had just put in a SSD for Win 10, it is a Gateway FX6801-01.  after putting in the drive I took out a sys mem board out of in case I wanted to add more mem. More info on the mem,
9GB DDR3,  Max mem 12 G,  6 mem slots all are used from specs,   1 G,2 G, 1 G, 2 G,1 G, 2 G slot arrangement for a total of 9 Gb.  The task manager shows I have 6 Gb of mem with Slots 1 and 2 empty and the speed is 1066. 
  When first started after changes I just got a continues noise, unplugged and tried again and noise.  unplugged the new hard drive and still noise.  Next was to reinsert the mem I took out, after a few tries it booted but as I said it has less 3 Gb less mem.  I think this mem works in pairs so taking out the 2 Gb mem also took out the 1 Gb mem. Also the voltage is 1.5 V.
  At Newegg I don't even see a 1 Gb, it starts at 2 and 4 Gb.  16 dollars for 2 Gb.  Anyways I'll wait for replies.  I don't see any decrease in performance. I'll add that I also had to put in a new keyboard, I can not connect to zabaware but I'll put that aside.


Your PC uses the X58 Express Chipsets, I had to google it to make sure, the motherboard supports triple channel RAM (not really used any more and most RAM is sold in pairs now for dual channel).

Your motherboard should have 3 RAM slots in one colour and 3 in another colour. You have to use matching memory sticks for the same colour slots, I.E. 3 X 2 GIG sticks that are exactly the same.

Triple channel RAM works at it's bets on 3 sticks, when you have 6 sticks (2 x 3) the memory has to run a little slower.

In a perfect world I would recommend using 3 sticks of RAM only for your PC, it's faster and less likely to get a bad or dirty connection problem.

Hope that helps a bit.


  I had not heard of triple channel, Dual channel I'm familiar with.  I guess the 1.5 volts is important, there is ECC and non ECC, buffered and non buffered. Crucial  did a scan and recommends 4 GB stick, Non ECC, unbuffered, 1.5  PC3-12800 ... the PC numbers seem to go all over.
"Triple channel RAM works at it's best on 3 sticks, when you have 6 sticks (2 x 3) the memory has to run a little slower. "  I think you are saying put in 3 sticks, skip every other one, so put in 3 4 Gb sticks in every other slot .  So 3 4 Gb sticks gets me to 12 Gb the max.
  Well I just found an article about dual triple and quad channels.  Next is to open the computer again and give it another try. I took out a bulb in the car after putting it back in I found I had to replace it.


  I took another look and basically found the problem, the upper mem lock was not seated firmly.  I opened them up took out the mem and put it back in, if you push very very hard the locks snap shut themselves.  Task manager shows 8 Gb of mem that I saw change to 8.1 all slots are filled. Sys Info shows 8.99 Gb, a memory check shows no problems.
  Thanks for all the help over the years.


Quote from: Carl2 on June 07, 2015, 01:32:44 AM
  I took another look and basically found the problem, the upper mem lock was not seated firmly.
Well yes, that would cause a bad connection  :)

Glad you have it sorted now, I'm still happy to help in any way I can and I do try to keep up-to-date with the latest hardware, someone has to  :)