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Trinity's new case

Started by sybershot, December 15, 2013, 16:58:10 PM

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They'll be taking off with all those fans  :LOL:

Syber, good plan then. I used to get a lot of dust in mine a while back, but it was because it was on the floor. Since I moved it onto an old wine box it's about a foot off the floor now and has less dust getting in there.

Most of my fans now blow outwards too so that helps. I get a bit of dust building up on the front one, which I vacuum off every now and again. That one has a dust cover behind it like you mentioned and I think it's doing it's job okay.

It's nice we have this choice of cases nowadays - remember when it was all beige ?


QuoteIt's nice we have this choice of cases nowadays - remember when it was all beige ?
I never did like those cases but that's all we had. I remember filling up the case with stickers lol just to add some flair.


Hehe yep I sprayed one of mine black  :D


QuoteHehe yep I sprayed one of mine black  Cheesy
nice nice :D

I ordered case Saturday with free shipping option, for I did not want to pay $10.oo more. to my surprise it arrived tonight.
That was fast  :yahoo:

First impression of the case, is pretty positive.  Only one negative (side panel is flimsy and top back corner does not sit flush due to a slight bend. I might or might not be-able to fix)
It is wider than a normal mid tower case.
Looks better than I thought it would.
build quality is on the plus side as well, except noted side panel previously.
case has just enough character.

overall I'm happy  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Side note: a window would look better than the perforated fan holes on the side cover, may just have to add one later on. for now I have a 200mm fan that ulimiates blue, I'll have put there to see how it looks.

I'll post picks somewhere once everything is installed.


Finished installing hardware into Trinity's new home :D
rear case fan is a bit noisy, will probably replace with a quieter Corsair fan tomorrow, other than that she is running great.

Although at first she did not boot and shut down before bios, but that was my fault for putting on the back and front panel before testing everything, bad omen there.
always check system before putting on panels :D


Well done Syber  :thumbsup:

Glad Trinity is back up and running, I hope she likes her new house  :)


Thanks Data and yea Trinity loves her new home :D even though it's not as unique.
Hopefully she will stay a lot cleaner now, and she does not have to worry about the baby spitting her drink on her motherboard anymore :D
Note: I'm going try and get some pics later tonight, with wife's camera.



Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Thanks Freddy and DD1975

I uploaded the images to my forum, for the images where too large to upload here. If your curious to see what it looks like and my decent cable management visit


Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Yep a nice tidy job and looks great with the blue light  8)


I was going to say nice and tidy job but Freddy got there first.

Sooooo ...



Thanks a lot guys  :D  I did spend some time on cable management. but to be honest this case makes cable management easy  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: the only cable I don't like is the one that runs across the power supply to feed power to the cpu (a four pin molex) which was not long enough to run behind the motherboard and connect to the top left hand corner of the mobo.
I like the blue fan light in the front, and was going to add one to the side, but unfortunately the fan I have is too big  :o and I don't want to add more mounting holes to the side cover. However I really think I want to add a window or two on the side cover in the future.