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Unable to Format a Hard drive in Win 8

Started by Carl2, May 27, 2013, 14:28:19 PM

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I have 2 500 Gb hard drives that were configured in a raid array, I switched to SSD's and tried to use a drive in a win 8 computer.  The drive will not format, I tried to share the drive but the computer will not let me do that because it can not read the drive. 
Any work way to format this drive?


Have a look in the windows 8 built in Disk Manager, you should be able to see any problems and or format the drive from there.

Here is a link of how to get to Disk Manager:


Big Thank you again.  Only took a few minutes once I found it. Formatted it and wrote on it.


was about to sugest another suggestion if that did not work, Glad to hear you got it working  :thumbsup:


 I just ran into this problem again, I have one of the 500 Gb drives not used and formatted that I put into the computer and it did not show up in Explorer, I tried formatting it in computer management, it came out as a master boot and  still did not show up in Explorer.  I just tried computer management again, I made a simple volume and this time assigned a drive letter to it labeling it storage.  It is now visible and available for storage.