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Virtual Super Resolution [AMD]

Started by Data, August 09, 2015, 19:48:49 PM

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It works, I've tried it and it does improve image quality  8)

Find out about it here:
Virtual Super Resolution

And this is how you enable it:


Very cool - how much better is it ?

Unfortunately the version of CCC I am on does not do it - I might pop it up to the next version to see tomorrow.

Don't really want to lose my 3 screens atm. My resolution is quite high anyway so I may not notice it as much.


I've only tried it in F1 2013 so far, with it enabled detail is sharper and the jaggies are very nearly completely gone, even on my 46 inch screen you have trouble seeing any jaggies. Seems better than AA but to be fair I was using maximum AA as well.  ;D