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windows 8 Tablet

Started by sybershot, February 20, 2013, 15:58:46 PM

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I been doing some research on tables the last couple of days. Why you ask? Positive thinking is my answer :D Taxes are getting done tomorrow and my fingers are crossed for a +return.

Features I found during my research that I would like to have.

1) Gorilla glass 2, great for keeping the screen from getting scratches.
2) 10.1 to a 11.6 display
3) blue tooth
4) usb 3.0
5) keyboard dock

Features I need:
0)price under 1,000.oo usd
1) Wacom drivers for s-pen, seems there are a few different companies but Wacom is the best. I will not settle for less here.
2) windows 8 or windows 8 pro, no windows 8 rt
3) at least 64 gb ssd for storage or more, with a way to add more through micro or mini card
4) mic input
5) full size usb

So far here is a few I like, I'll post below in order.
1) Surface pro
2) Samsung ATIV smart pc 500t
3) ThinkPad Tablet 2
4) Asus Vivo Tab

Most listed above are the new atom based, which limits the units to only 2gigs of ddr2 memory and usb 2.0 both of which are sort of outdated tech. but on the other hand it makes them lighter, fanless and gives more battery life. Also it tends to keep cost down. However I like performance and the Surface pro is the only one on the list with a core i5 which I know would be best for my needs and wants, but it also comes with the higher price. though the surface pro 64 gb ssd model is still with-in price range.

1) Do you guys have any windows 8 tablet that you like? if so which ones and why.
2) Do you guys have or know of any of listed tablets above or others that I may find of interest?


Don't know that much about them but how about an Acer i3

Would be better than the atom CPU and Acer is a good make.


Cant get a link to work, try searching Amazon for this.

Acer Iconia W700-6607 11.6-Inch 64 GB Tablet (Silver)


That is a nice unit Data Thanks, but unfortunately it does not have a wacom pen. and one cannot just be added.

That is one of my biggest need for I will be using it to draw graphics arts on the go.


actually just found out a pen is an option, but most likely it is not of wacom. I will have too investigate further :)


Good luck Syber, can't help but think an i3 would be best for performance for $$$, that's if you can find such a thing.


Thanks, indeed an i3 is tempting. however I just found out you cant use a wacom stylus  :'(

Quotethat's if you can find such a thing
That not always easy, but sometimes possible :D


The surface looks like the best specs with an a i5. The cameras seem a little low spec though.
I wonder what battery life is like? You really want bluetooth 4 too. Though most stuff has it now.

720 is an 1 mega pixel camera. 1080 is 2 mega pixel. 2160 x 3840 would be 8MP (or 4k as it's sometimes called with respect to monitors).
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thanks for tech details Snowcrash about the camera. I admit I know very little about the new digital cameras. I never was a picture taking person, and probably will never use the front facing camera. However I will be using the rear facing camera for Skype video calls for family members,  friends, and customers. the most I know of them is the more mega pixels the better. Though I'm sure that is not always the case.

I had to take my son to the dentist today, and on my way back I could not help myself and I stopped at best buy. while there I was able to check out the surface pro, and the Samsung ATIV smart pc 500t

Surface Pro: looks bigger in pictures and on youtube. I can't believe how small it was. it was very study and solid. it felt well bit, and looks like M$ did there homework well. it was hefty in weight but still could be held with one hand. I would say one could hold it in one hand for about 10-15 minutes the most though.

performance wise the Surface pro was fast and fluid, It will be hard to knock this off the list of possibilities.

The samsung was not as solid as the surface, but overall felt pretty sturdy. the samsung however had a bigger screen (which I liked a lot) yet the devise was thinner and lighter. one could hold the samsung in one hand for 30-40 minutes I would estimate.

For a atom, 2gigs of ddr2 ram I was actually impressed at it performance, it handled windows 8 rather well. besides a second or two longer to open up some bigger programs than the surface, it was rather fast and fluid as well. The only real con I could say is that the screen felt spongy wile using the s-pen.  :scratch-head: I felt like I could gouge the screen with the tip of the pen.

Side note: the samsung is two finger touch where the surface is 10 finger touch if I remember correctly from my readings earlier. If the surface is 10 finger touch I could not see someone using 10 fingers on  such a small device.


10 finger touch points seems a little over the top to me, especially on a small tablet screen. 


agreed 100% there Data.

I been thinking if I get the "Samsung ATIV smart pc 500t", "ThinkPad Tablet 2", or "Asus Vivo Tab" each with the new atom processor, I could save money and use that saved money towards a dual monitor setup along with a graphics card, and psu needed for the upgrade. Still pondering though :)


Or spend the rest on a second SSD for RAID  :P


A new graphics card sounds like a nice idea, really max them games out  :thumbsup:


Not interested in raid, but a good thought :D I also don't really play graphic intense games, but would need a new graphics card if I go with a dual monitor setup. I do graphics work but a mid level card suits me well for my needs.


I may scratch getting a tablet  :'(
I am thinking of building a new rig all together to go inside the custom round case. aka composter :P

if I have enough funds left over I may still get an atom based tablet. though that will be a tough feat for I want the new rig to be just as powerful f not more powerful than current set-up.