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Android on Windows 10

Started by Freddy, October 10, 2019, 10:57:50 AM

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It's called Bluestacks and I came by this as a book I wanted to read was on the Google Play store, but I couldn't use the Fire Tablet to download the app from Google Play as Amazon have their own exclusive marketplace. You can install Play on the tablet, but I thought I would try this first.

Suffice to say it works fine and I was able to read my book. I thought it might interest others.


Snowcrash introduced me to Bluestacks a few years back, it does the job pretty well  :thumbsup:


Data had me try Bluestacks to do something,  I download it and when I tried to do the install it was unable to find or do something so it failed for me.  Really tempted to get a cell phone but I don't need another bill.


I'm getting the urge to buy a new toy, perhaps a Chromebook that runs Android natively. Hmm.