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ATI Tray Tools

Started by Data, April 18, 2010, 14:09:42 PM

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This utility is for ATI graphics cards only

ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows system tray which then allows instant access to options and settings.

This tool can save you money too by underclocking the Radeons GPU and memory in normal windows use. On my system (HD4890) it reduces power consumption by 40 watts.

It can detect when a game or a 3D application is running and automatically clock up the speed of the card.

Alternatively you can make your own clock speeds and set them as hot keys, very useful, the phone might ring but you don't want to stop playing so you can underclock the card while still in the game and save power.

The onscreen display that can be seen when playing games is very handy for keeping an eye on temps, voltages, CPU and GPU load, FPS and more.

In short a powerful tool but can take a while to fully get your head around how it works.

There isn't a single page to download it from, but it can be found from the site below.

Thought I would do a screen shot to help explain the OSD.

Here is a screen shot of ATI Tray Tools On Screen Display while I was playing the game Juiced 2. You can make it display quite a number of things but this is how I have it set-up

Quick explanation.

The top row of numbers is displaying the CPU core temperatures, using Speedfan as a plug-in.

The next line down shows, in this order.

GPU speed, Graphics memory speed, CPU load, GPU temperature, GPU load.

And finally, the frames per second.


What ver of this works best with Win7?

We have had this conversation and I can't remember the outcome.

I think this would be the best place to keep the info.
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Im using v1.6.9.1447

works perfectly in Win7 64bit.