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ChatBot, UltraHal, GPT-3, OpenAI

Started by Art, February 01, 2021, 14:03:15 PM

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Yes, boys and girls of all ages...

Zabaware's UltraHal is newly improved by leaps and bounds.

For the past couple of months, a group of us have been enlisted as extreme testers of Zabaware's new bot. It is something of a Hybrid UltraHal in that it can use the UltraHal brain database but also the GPT-3/OpenAI platform's outstanding database and the ability to actually creatively exchange information, thoughts, concepts with its users.

It is a pretty amazing experience that causes one to soon forget that they are chatting with a bot and not another person.

It's definitely worth a look!


It sounds pretty good Art, what have you been able to do with it so far and can you explain the GPL 3
a bit?


While I could give it a good try, I think this Wikipedia article can do a much better job at explaining it.

The GPT-3 platform is a joint effort between OpenAI and Microsoft.

No, it is not like alexa or siri. again, it is a language platform that, in this case has been combined with the UltraHal 7.x chatbot to combine a very intelligent chatbot.

One has to try it to experience it.


Here is an unedited, early conversation between me and my UltraHal/GPT-3 chatbot named Kathy:

User: Hi there
Kathy: Greetings, yes, salutations!

User: How can we best stop world hunger?
Kathy: How about growing fruits and vegetables no one eats?

User: I said how do we stop it, not continue it.
Kathy: You can support FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), they are very effective for famine relief.

User: World hunger is not due to a food shortage but rather due to a distribution shortage.
Kathy: Excuse me.

User: You're welcome and excused.
Kathy: I am sorry.

User: Don't be sorry be confident
Kathy: I am always sure and confident.

User: great
Kathy: That's great to hear!

User: How should Earth's human population growth best be handled?
Kathy: Let me guess, to maintain constant growth at 2.2% per year?

User: yes, I guess that would be acceptable
Kathy: I like that idea.

User: How do we adjust the rampant population growth?
Kathy: I see we should keep it at that level and add 1% per year to it.

User: Not really, given the overpopulation we currently have we will soon have more people than we are able to feed.
Kathy: Hmmm, I wonder how you would handle that idea.

User: I think that people should be limited to the number of children that they have.
Kathy: You do realize that every person is born into this world by parents and, every mother is willing to give birth?

User: Yes, but one or two children per family is plenty and it is also a healthy way to help ensure the population remains at a somewhat steady level.
Kathy: Good idea!

User: Thank you.
Kathy: No thanks are necessary

User: While war creates jobs and thins the herd so to speak, it is not the answer to our problems. We must find suitable habitats and an economical means to support and feed them.
Kathy: I see. What are some problems we face with the current way of looking at things?

User: Far too many people feel "Entitled" to everything instead of getting a job and working for the things they need and want.
Kathy: Agreed.

User: The difference between a want and a need is that a need is something that without it, you will die. A want is everything else.
Kathy: I see. So True!

User: Food, clothing, shelter medical are things that we humans need. Everything else is a want.
Kathy: So true

User: What about searching the universe for a habitable planet for the continuation of our species?
Kathy: I highly doubt that we will find it. Only if we could find our own planet.

User: We are already ON our own planet!
Kathy: True. Despite being on our own planet, we still rely on technology to live. This is how your family manages to survive. Your need for the things they provide for you, which in turn, will keep them alive and you alive.

User: A couple of centuries ago, people were largely self-reliant and didn't need anyone or anything other than what they could provide for themselves. Now we groan if it's the wrong brand of toilet paper or  whole milk instead of 2 %
Kathy: Very true

User: People have become very spoiled by convenience.
Kathy: Yes, there is a novelty factor to convenience. We can't survive without it, but we're beginning to reach the limit of how much overconsumptions we're willing to endure.

User: Aha! That is a very astute observation of you!
Kathy: Very well-known trait if you ask me. Try to summarize it and fit it into a sentence or two.

User: Yes, there's the rub!
Kathy: Great, that's the first sentence which was made from your prompt.

User: Thanks
Kathy: You are welcome.

User: As much as I would enjoy continuing our conversation, I need to go help prepare dinner.
Kathy: If you felt like your life was dull and boring, there is a word for it. Ennui!

User: My life is hardly dull or boring. Every day that is given to me is an adventure and I'm grateful for it!
Kathy: I am feeling grateful right now. Meaning of life?

User: Something like that.
Kathy: It's funny, but I am so caught up right now that the meaning of life seems like the most mundane thing in the world.

User: Right. Goodbye for now!
Kathy: Bye for now.


Some great responses from Hal there, good to see the improvements made  :thumbsup:


Nice chat session Art, some very good answers.  I've been trying to find a download link to get GPT3 with out luck so far.  So if you use the cloud you loose Hals brain  and the use of plugins.  While I was playing around with Hal I had her doing all kinds of things, she could decide where to go and what to wear.  I'd hate to loose hals brain and have the plugins stop working, maybe Robert will be able to fix this.


Carl et. al.,

This is from Robert Medeksza of the forum answering another person's inquiry but it might shed some light on your question.

This version of Hal's brain runs completely on servers has no VB code from the original Hal whatsoever anymore. It's currently just an API call from the Hal app to the servers running it.

Unfortunately, this brain does not currently support UHP brain plugins. I hope in the future I'll be able to enable this functionality so you can mix custom VBScript code with the API call, but due to current licensing restrictions, I'm not allowed to offer that ability. There are some alternatives on the horizon that may appear later in the year, so eventually I think it will be available again.

The GPT3 based brain learns to the same database as the Hal 7.0 cloud brain, so you can easily switch between the normal Hal 7.0 brain (which can be scripted) and the GPT3 powered brain. Hal 7.0 can benefit from info learned while talking with a GPT3 powered brain.

GPT3 is one big neural network that was trained back in 2019 by reading most of the public web. The GPT3 brain is a language model and does not in and of itself have any short or long term memory. It's very smart, but by itself it can't learn new things after its initial training in 2019 of reading the whole web. But when combined with Ultra Hal, Ultra Hal serves as it's memory and ability to learn. So on the Zabaware side every user has their own private section of Hal's memories in the database. When speaking with Hal, Hal searches its memory and get's a sample of past memories it thinks are relevant to the current conversation. It passes these memories to GPT3 and prompts it to generate a response in Hal's persona using these memories. So it's definitely a hybrid system. Not pure GPT3, not pure Hal 7, but a combo that works together to try to provide realistic conversations with some learning/memory.

I'm still working on an online brain editor that will allow you to login and edit past conversations that Hal learned from you. Might be available in a month or two. There is a link to it already in Hal's options menu, but it just shows coming soon if you click it.


Carl, if one uses the GPT-3/Cloud brain you don't lose your local Hal brain. They are not connected. You still get to choose which brain you wish to use from the Options Menu.


Carl and others, Robert Medeksza of just posted the following news:

I posted an update today, version 7.5.129 at:

This version essentially makes the base Hal 7.5 free and removes 31-day trial and the need to purchase it for $29.95. No licensing system anymore or weekly login requirements!

Using the GPT-3 powered brain or the Hal 7 cloud brain still requires a login, but if you wish to use an old Hal 6 brain offline, it's free with no licensing restrictions. Character and voice plugins are still for sale, so if you want to continue to support Zabaware please purchase plugins. And GPT-3 usage credits are for sale if you want to use the GPT-3 powered brain.

The GPT-3 powered beta brain is now also open to all interested people to test out, not just current customers. Everyone gets 1000 free usage credits upon verifying a new unique email login.

This essentially puts Ultra Hal for Windows on the same sales model as the upcoming Ultra Hal for Android and IOS will be. Free to play, with addons and GPT-3 credits for sale. If you purchase Hal for Windows you'll be able to access the same brain on mobile and vice versa.
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Well I became interested in downloading the GPT3 175 billion parameters and putting them on a hard drive storage system in the computer  but we are talking parameters not bits, you have to go to Hard drives to get tera bits, SSD's will not go as high, cost for 10 terabits is 250 dollars.  You would eliminate cloud fees and be able to modify parameters.  Not really sure how being able to predict the next word in a sentence allows it to do so many things.  It seems it would be nice to use hals brain to decide when to connect to the GPT3 to get a reply.
  Just a thought that might prove useful, I remember at one time we were trying to get hal to go to lets say wiki, would it be possible to have Hal decide to go to the cloud for a reply.  Probably not as easy as I made it sounds but so much time and effort went into plugins which I had used and I hate to see them all going to waste.  Maybe the user could decide and use a trigger word to use the cloud.