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DirectX 12

Started by Data, May 06, 2015, 13:08:00 PM

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Found this video today, at first I thought it was just another DX12 video, ok in some ways maybe it is but it's delivery of the benefits is done in a "straight to the point" way.


DX12 Multi-GPU Tech Analysis

Looking good  :)


  Buy a new graphics card and you can use them both, pretty nice.  I wonder if they will ever do that with CPUs.


There is a new DirectX 12 demo benchmark test to download, if you want to.

3DMark Time Spy

3.8 GIG Download Here

Or watch the video  :)


Interesting concept, but I wasn't thrilled with the overall appearance of the video, TBH. It was severely washed out, and there wasn't much in the way of discernable fine details as a result. Frankly, it looked at least 4 generations old.

Or maybe it's just my eyes. We've had a LOT of smoke in the air here, from several fires in the area. Who knows? I'll look again once my eyes stop burning.
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Quote from: DaveMorton on August 14, 2016, 07:50:07 AM
it looked at least 4 generations old.

I'm struggling with that statement  :scratch-head:  :LOL:

But not as much as my graphics card is struggling to run the benchmark.

I scored 1722

Still it's good to know my rig will run DX12 but I'm going to have to knock down the quality settings to get good frame rates, it would seem.


What's tripping you up there, Data?

My criteria regarding that statement was colour vibrancy and detail, both of which were lacking, to my eyes. but like I said, it could just be me.
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Maybe it's the video not doing it justice, when you run the benchmark you see all the tiny detail in the glass cabinets, to me it looks packed with detail, it is showing off DX12 and the amount of draw calls and polygons it can get on the screen. All the silvery crystals it draws too, the fogging and light flares.

Well I was impressed but that's not hard to do  :D


It's got to be my eyes, then. Sad, really, but it also means that I may never have to upgrade my vid cards again. :P Still really smokey, though, so I'll weigh back in here when it clears.
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Do I detect a bit of playing "devils advocate"  ;)

I doubt all new DX12 games will have all effects turned on all of the time.

[spoiler]But I could be wrong [/spoiler] 


Won't install for me, get an error.


Nevermind, I was running the wrong installer.

Mine scored...

Graphics : 3669
CPU : 6368
Overall : 3918

It was all a bit jerky.


Impressive score there Freddy, especially the CPU  8)

Your over all score "Better than 38% of all results" it's a sad fact but our GPU's, well, especially mine have fallen behind now  :(

Still it's good to know we can run DX12, it's going to be the future DX12 on 8 GIG cards.


I won't be upgrading my GPU for a while as yet. Does what I need it to for now.


I'm frightened to even try, as I'm certain I'll get a much worse score. :P
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