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DirectX 12

Started by Data, May 06, 2015, 13:08:00 PM

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DirectX 12 is coming soon but only to windows 10 it would seem.

So what will it give us over DirectX 11 ?

Better frame rates and lower power consumption is it's goal and it could be achieved using the same hardware. 


Lets see if our win 10 computers are ready for Direct X 12, apparently in win 10 the dxdiag.exe tests your hardware and driver for compatibility with DX 12, only if they all pass the test do we see version 12.

Type " dxdiag " in to the start menu search then run dxdiag.

Here is mine and it did pass  :)


I got DX 11.2 for some reason  :scratch-head:


Must be because I'm using an old AMD driver.


I had a feeling yours wouldn't pass as DX12 Freddy, yup it must be them older drivers  :(


Nevermind, by the time I need it I will have a new card.

No support from AMD hasn't really impressed me. No help on my thread, one email to ask how I got it to work then nothing. They had to ask me.


Sounds like they are on the case then, I doubt you are the only person with the problem,  it must be quite a task to test for all possible configurations when a new OS is released. 

Roll on Catalyst 15.8


This is true, but it's not good to not reply to emails for a week, then two weeks imho.


You have done your bit mate and reported the problem  :thumbsup:

Have a look at this report on AMD cards and DX 12

QuoteFirst DirectX 12 compatible game shows significant performance improvements on AMD graphics cards.

As evident in the charts below, gamers with AMD graphics cards in particular are in for a massive performance improvement.


Yeah that's interesting - I read a similar report the other day.  :thumbsup:


There has been some controversy recently over Dx12 and graphics card manufactures, not wanting to take sides, have a look at these vids.


A bit of time has passed and some more useful (to me) information is coming out.

How Many Cores Do You Need For DirectX 12?

The best solution seems to be 8 physical cores

! No longer available

However, them 8 core Intel CPU's are a shed load of cash.

AMD will be releasing their new Zen range of CPU's soon and It seems to me that they might have a master plan, with 8 and 16 core versions, no onboard graphics, they might know something we don't.

Here is a good video that explains a bit about Zen and it's speed, it's in an English that most will understand.

! No longer available

So basically it looks like AMD might have caught up intel and quite possibly have a better bang for bucks CPU for DX12 gaming. Looks good to me, some serious competition to Intel in the CPU market.  8)


Have you seen anything yet about dual cards being able to combine VRAM yet ?

It was something DX12 was supposed to do.


Nothing seems concrete when it comes to Vram stacking and DX 12, last I heard games might have to be specifically made to be able to do it, from what I can gather it might be a bit like SLI and Xfire "a bit hit and miss depending on the game".

I have no idea about Vram stacking and video rendering though.


Here is an up-date on DX 12, some good news in there, like being able to run AMD and Nvidia cards in the same computer at the same time in games. The bad news is that Nvidia cards are now showing their downside, no "asynchronous" support for DX12 and it looks like they are trying to hide the fact with Gameworks.

Watch it all but don't shoot the messenger  ;)