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Edge Browser

Started by Data, August 11, 2015, 13:17:13 PM

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I'm liking the Edge browser in win 10, been using it a few days, it's fast, compatible with all sites I've tried it with so far, it also has a nice dark skin that matches the new taskbar.

There is also a button called "reading view" click it and it blows away images and unwanted page content at the same time as enlarging the text, I think that might come in handy sometimes.

Anyone else used it ? like it ?

Here is a screenshot of Edge using the dark skin.


Yes I quite liked it, I've used it a bit. Still Chrome for me at the moment, but I intend to give it a proper try.


If anyone is interested I just found private browsing in Edge, it's a little odd because I don't recall seeing it before but here it is.


Thank you that might come in useful :)


Not enamoured with Edge at this point, as it doesn't support plugins right now, which means that my password manager is practically useless ATM. Both Dashlane and M$ indicate that they're working on it, but that's not helpful in the 'here and now'. When I want to go to a site for which I have account credentials stored, I have to open Dashlane, note the login (either username or email), copy the password, and type/paste the info in, which is a bit of a pain. Beyond that, I really see nothing special about it. It's not any faster than IE or FF, and there's no real way to customize the layout to my liking. (to be fair, though, none of the other browsers allow me to customize the layout to my liking anymore, either)
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I really like Edge in the Dark theme, seems to go nicely with windows 10 but that is only cosmetics I admit. Have also noticed that YouTube videos do seem to run very smooth in Edge, especially when you are on the YouTube site, super slick playback.

Have had some issues with purchasing things through Edge, transactions don't always go through.


I agree with Data. Now I have a modest desktop with Windows 10 and Edge is really amazing. Easy, fast and smooth.

I used Internet Explorer during a lot of years and then Chrome with Windows 7 and W 8.1.

Even if you only surf on the web, it's worth having Windows 10! :D


Hello GT, it's been a while, hope you are well  :)

I nearly fell off my chair when I read you had a new desktop PC with windows 10 :D

Congratulations  8)

I'm still using Edge as my main browser in win 10 and still loving it.

Good to hear from you and good that I have someone who agrees with me about Edge  :) :)


Many thanks Data. My new PC is minimalist, a mini PC, an Asus VivoPC, without DVD drive (I still had an external one), without any OS (I had the DVD of Windows 8.1). Only 200 euros.

After installing W 8.1, I updated to Windows 10. Very surprising, automatic, a lot easier than in the last century!

Now all is working fine. Of course this computer isn' t a gaming PC. No problem, I'm not a gamer, as always... ;)