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Google Chrome

Started by Carl2, December 01, 2010, 22:32:12 PM

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  I've just installed Google chrome in the computer, not the default yet.  I'd noticed that my antivirus had IE as a risk and came across the google chrome.  The favorites is missing but I have a tab called book manager that imported the favorites.  Have to see how it works. Any input would be appreciated.


I have, use 3 browsers on my PC, IE, Google Chrome and Firefox, to me they are all good browsers but some are better at some things than others.

Chrome for instance has a built in spell checker and is a fast browser with quick load times and overall a smooth Internet experience, but it has problems displaying some sites correctly and im still not convinced it can handle java as good as IE and Firefox.   

IE, for me is the most compatible browser with all sites, this is because webmasters tend to make sites display 100% correctly in IE because it's the most popular browser. Saying that IE8 doesn't seem to run as smooth as Chrome, just doesn't feel as slick. IE9 is coming out soon, when I used the beta of that it was easily the fastest browser I've used. (Looking forward to IE9)

Firefox is now the slowest browser for me, taking longer to start up then it should and a slower browsing experience, it's a shame really it used to be fast but now for some reason its got too bloated. Saying that it is a rock solid browser and very compatible with websites.

So back to Chrome, its good Carl, take a while to get your head round where everything is, personally I would use IE as your default browser because Windows 7 uses browsers to display certain things, help files for instance, so to keep Windows happy I like to keep the default IE.

Oh and your antivirus saying IE is a risk, personally I trust Microsoft IE more than I would trust a third party antivirus. No one knows Windows like MS knows it. However I would like to know what it says the risk is and I would look into it.   


I use Chrome all the time now and agree with Data that it's the fastest browser at the moment.  The other thing I like about it is that it is very streamline, there aren't loads of buttons and options that you never use to clutter things up.  It's built to browse and I can have 15 or more tabs open at one time and it doesn't slow down.  It also very rarely crashes.

IE is great for viruses of course...  but I still use it on occasions as it is better at printing pages. For some reason Chrome squeezes things up and print outs come out small and hard to read.  They are working on that though.

I haven't had the problems Data has with Chrome not displaying sites properly and all of the javascript seems to work okay for me here.  I don't know why that could be.

IE9 sounds good but I still have the idea in my head that IE is a dinosaur waiting to become extinct.  I am sure they will get it right soon though.  They also lag behind in adopting new internet standards, but again we have IE9 on the horizon.

I like Firefox too and always design my pages to work in that as well.  Like Data I find it is getting slow too.  It does have some great plug-ins and tools though, especially for developers, but Chrome's version of those work just fine for me.

Opera is a really undervalued browser too...

Competition is good and choice is good, so just pick what works for you.   I think that is my best advice.


Freddy you make some good points, particularly about IE and viruses, it's more likely to be attacked or targeted by nasties then the other browsers.

Good topic Carl, its good to look at these things from time to time.     


  Thanks for the input,  I was just checking Norton again because of what I said about IE being a security risk,  my mistake, it has moderate cpu usage.  Probably because I'm updating the antivirus and a friend (Mac fan) had said IE is the way viruses ect get into the computer.  I believe I heard similar remarks from other sources.  
 I'm getting use to Chrome, seems to be a little quicker, I can use the Other Bookmarks to get all the sites from favorites in IE.  I should try the browser from Mac, I'd used it in the past I think.  
  Just read the last post, I was mistaken but right,  IE should be considered  a security risk.


  Just put in Safari from apple,  I like it so far.  once again it imported everything from IE.  Verizon my ISP says it is an unsupported browser but I"m not crazy about verizon.
  Have to see how it works, to discourage malware ect I don't want to use IE.


I have been using chrome as my default browser for a couple of days and have found something that I don't like about it, which is a shame as I was starting to like it.

If you have a few tabs open, which is how I use browsers these days, and have it minimised to the Windows 7 taskbar, when you hover over chrome it only shows you one little window of one of the tabs, where as IE 8 shows a little windows for each tab, making it much easier to find the tab your after, especially when you have say 10 tabs open.

Yes I can live without that feature but I realise now how much I was using it in IE8 and I miss it.

I really hope google can add this feature in a future release.

For now I've gone back to IE8 as default.


I never noticed that but it's not something I really use.  Good job we have a choice though.


Yeah its good to have a choice and browsers are free these days too, can't be bad.

Still going to use chrome every day but not as the default browser, please Google make chrome desplay whats in every tab on the windows 7 taskbar.


So, that's 1 thing IE8 does better than Chrome. Seems there's quite a lot that Chrome can do better then IE8.
I have noticed the Java problems with IE8. The globe (this site) makes Spooners machine flash annoyingly (IE8). I assume it is due to not having Java installed well as it is ok on my machine and all others I have checked, though there is a random cursor flash you don't get in Chrome.
Bloody MS Vs Sun. Nearly as bad as Apple products wont play Flash.
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Just a thought...
Spooners problem could be a Geforce or SLI driver issue.


There is a new beta version of Google Chrome, I have downloaded it.

For a beta it seems fine (so far)

It adds some new 3D features that seem like a good idea and plenty of other tweaks too, rather than me try to explain it you can find out about it here. 

Chrome Blog



Nice one.  I have actually been using the beta versions since it came out and have had few problems with it. 3D sounds good, I will have a read later :)


I've been trying to find an answer to why google chrome doesn't always hold the site password correctly but sadly I cant.

Only really noticed the problem with sites using SMF, like this one and I have noticed the problem on more then one PC and more than one site.

This happens:

I enter the first letter of the user name, chrome then fills the rest in and puts in the password at the same time, but about 50% of the time the site reports back that the password is wrong.

I need to find the answer to this  :headbang:


It's been like that for a while in SMF, I could never get that to work.  Solution...don't log out  :LOL: