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GPU-Z GPU Monitor - Supports Windows 10

Started by Freddy, August 06, 2015, 19:20:24 PM

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On my quest to replace my previous gadgets I found this.


That article tells you a little about it and links to these downloads...

As you can see from the files the most recent one at this moment is July 30th and that's the one I have now and it's working nicely in 10.


Been using that one for a few years, it is good, nice little stand alone program.

For me it would be good if it had an OSD that I could display in games, only having one screen you need an OSD to monitor that stuff.

For that reason I give it 9 out of 10  :D

Good to hear it works in 10  8)


I thought it might have been around a while.

It's the best I found so far, still nothing I like as much as the gadgets yet, I may try that emulator thing.