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Haptek Graphics

Started by Carl2, September 18, 2010, 01:13:26 AM

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  I've begun working with the skin texture jpg for a full body character, the original image info is 1024x1024 pixles, 3.41x3.41 in. , 300 pix/in.  I'd like to get more pixles in.  I can get 2048x2048 same size, 600pix/in.  3072x3072 same size, 900 pix/in., 4096x4096 pixles, 1200 pix/in. same size.
  I load the htr, load the skin texture jpg, all 4 textures will load, I frist noticed a problem when trying to reload the 4096  after making a change to it, the Hapregestry had to shutdown.  I run into the same thing using the hapPlayer I downloaded.  with less pixels I can load more but after repeated loading I may cause the player to shut down..
  To be sure I just tried loading all the jpg's again,  1024, was loaded 10 times and seems okay, the 2048 was loaded 10 times and seems okay, the 3072 laoded 10 times and seems okay,  the 4096 when loaded once caused a shutdown.  This was in the Hacked happlayer.  Earlier I experienced problems in the HapRegestry.
  I'm hoping you will be able to say this causes this therfore a problem hopefuly with a solution.  The 3072 should be workable.  The 3072 is times three not a power of four and I can not see a problem.  I'll mention earlier I found different behaviors using the hap player, the hapregestry and the Hal hap player.


Carl, you might want to check but I don't think dpi (dots per inch) make any difference to screen graphics.  dpi is only used for printing.


I think Freddy is right, DPI is for printing, and the actual DPI is the resolution of the image, i.e. 1024 x 1024 pixels or dots even. So all you really need to use is 72 DPI (Standard)

There must be a limit of image size that the Haptek player can handle, I don't know what that size is but it sounds to me like you have found its limits Carl, you might have to work with 3072 x 3072, but im no expert on charter skins with Haptek.


  I agree with you, pretty sure of that,  I'm using Jasc Paint Shop pro, the original jpg was 1024 square, 3.41, 300Pix/in,  When I resize I get the Number of pixels to put in, The print size, and the resolution.  I double the Pixel size from 1024 to 2048, keep the print size the same, and the resolution has to double fron 300 to 600Pix/in.  I can easily see this when working with the resulting jpgs.
  The amount of memory used naturally increases, 1024, 91KB,  2048, 275KB,
3072, 539KB, 4096, 871KB.  What I learned since the last post is the 3072 which I could repeatedly pass the reloading test was unable to reload when I changed the jpg by doing some drawing and saving,  this caused the player to shutdown and I began using the 2048 jpg which hasn't run into problems.
  I should try this in the Hal Player before going much further,  interesting to me.