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Internet Explorer 10

Started by Data, May 05, 2012, 12:40:51 PM

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What is so great about IE 10, I haven't tried the beta yet nor had much chance to use it in Windows 8 preview so lets try and find out.


Full hardware acceleration. (Should be a lot quicker on computers with mid to high end graphics cards)

Better HTML 5 and CSS3 compatibility and features.  

Only available for Win 7 and 8.

Two versions in Win 8, the new touchscreen "Metro" and the standard "Desktop" version.

Some of the off topic chat in the videos gets annoying, try to skip that   ;)  

I think its looks interesting and it is tempting to download the beta preview for Windows 7 but so far I haven't risked it.

Please feel free to add your experiences, if any, and/or thoughts about it or indeed any other videos you can find about it.


I like how a new tab shows blocks of frequent websites  :thumbsup:


Quote from: sybershot on May 05, 2012, 17:53:10 PM
I like how a new tab shows blocks of frequent websites  :thumbsup:

Really ?  I wonder were I saw that before  ;D

HTML5 needed a lot of work I read, so looks like they are working on the right things.

I can't make fair comment as I haven't tried it out...just don't know if I really need to change much in my usual programs the desire is not there.  I'll try it some time when they finish copying catch up with Chrome ;)

Sorry I am feeling grouchy  :LOL:

P.S.  I think Chrome had hardware acceleration for some time now..

Darn I am turning into a Chrome fan boy.


QuoteI like how a new tab shows blocks of frequent websites  thumbsup
Really ?  I wonder were I saw that before  Grin

yea really  :P I only use FF and only use IE for website testing. FF new tabs are blank, and IE only had a search bar previously.  :scratch-head: So if they robbed it from say another browser, I would not know.

QuoteSorry I am feeling grouchy  lol
No worries Freddy, Just take care and get better  ;D


Haha, yeah well I was just being cheeky, as MS pinched that new tab feature from Chrome.  I guess it happens all the time, and is somewhat flattering to Google in a way.

Thanks for the well wishes :)


Copying someone is a form of flattery  ;D
QuoteThanks for the well wishes Smiley
your welcome.

back on topic now  :P
the metro IE I found that I don't like using it on my laptop. it is stripped down to a point that makes it not viable for a laptop, nor desktop. for a tablet or similar device I guess it would be okay, but I don't have one to really justify that statement. the metro version of IE however did load pages rather promptly though. appears to be faster than the desktop version, Note: I have not done any speed test to confirm.


I've heard we can expect to see IE 10 for windows 7 on the 26th of October.

It will only be available to Win 7 and 8. No Vista or XP support.  

NOTE to Freddy:
Stick to Chrome  :)


 :LOL:  Surely it can't be that bad.. ?


Having played Grepolis (a browser game) I am now a fan of Chrome. The java support is soooo much better. IE9 was annoying. 
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Welcome into the light Snowy  ;D


IE 10 has finally been released for Windows 7, I've installed it and am using it now, too early to give any opinions on it other than it is working and it has a built in spell checker which might come in handy.   

Download IE 10


It WILL be fine !...


Good show :) , is the spell check working for you Diesel? It is for me, checking my spelling as I type it in here, nice little feature that, some might say "about time" a Chrome user for instance  :LOL:

Just for a bit of fun you can test drive IE10 and some of its features:
Test Drive IE10



Do the sounds work in the chatroom btw ?