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Internet Explorer 9 BETA

Started by Data, September 16, 2010, 15:47:42 PM

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Hmm did you not see the massive address bar I posted above  :)

In IE9 the address bar is also the search bar, you don't need a search box like you have and you can paste anything into the address bar, if its not a url it will use you search provider instead.   


Yes I saw the big address bar, I guess I need to change some setting to get that ?

I understand the search bar is combined with address, but I just don't think it is as elegant and as easy to use as in Chrome.

They did well making the back and forward buttons bigger and clearer, it's just a shame they did not extend that to the other oft used functions.

It's just too fiddly for me.


The paste and search in Chrome is a one click operation as I am sure you know.

In IE you have to paste it in then press the minuscule arrow button - all very fiddly.


To be honest I had forgotten how to enlarge the address bar ;D, but now I remember, right click on the right hand end of the address bar and click "Show tabs on a separate row".   

I find Chromes favourites way to fiddly, I still can't fully get my head round them, in IE I can drag a url from the address bar and plonk it in the favourites bar, very easy.


I'll give it a go then thanks :)

It has to be said that both of these browsers will do the job, I'm just picking the one that works best for me and that's all we need to do.

I will still check out IE10 when it comes along.  I do believe IE is better security wise, and I do use it for things like that where security is an issue. There's good and bad about both of them, I just prefer Chrome for everyday stuff and at the moment as I have listed above, IE fails to deliver the experience I want from a browser.

Re the favourites....yes in Chrome you can also highlight the link in the address bar and drag it to your bookmarks.  You can also drag it to the desktop and make a short cut there if you want.

They both do that really useful thing of dragging an image to the desktop which is nice.

About the favourites, although I like it, I would like to be able to dock the favourites into the main window like IE can.  I think that's the main thing that throws people that are used to IE.  As far as I know in Chrome you have to open the bookmarks on a new page to get that kind of access.  Or just use the drop down.  I'm not sure really which is the best way to do it.

Having bookmarks beside the page is nice in IE, but I can also live with just a simple drop down that Chrome uses.


Ok, call me stubborn, but I still prefer FF over either Chrome or IE. About the only thing I use any other browser for is just to test web pages. For me, Firefox is "fast enough", since life is too short to worry about milliseconds, and since I'm so very familiar and comfortable with the way things work in FF. I must be getting older, because I seem to be "set in my ways:. :P
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Yes I agree it's all about what you are used to really and what you like the most.  I was impressed with Opera too the last time I looked at it.  Hey at least we have a choice these days :)

I like Firefox's HTML tidy plugin...Firebug or something ?  Handy little tool.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a bit then it's because I have some tummy bug at the moment, it's been visiting me every day or two for a week now.  SO joyful to spend 5 hours of night in my bathroom doubled up in pain uuurrrrghhh.  Anyway today things seem better, just haven't felt like going online much.


Did wonder where you had been, hadn't seen you on-line, started to wonder if you had had some trouble with the SSD, glad you haven't but not glad that you are feeling unwell though  :( 

Hope you feel better soon :)


Thanks mate, I had thought I had seen the last of it, but it decided to come back.  Hey, at least being online you guys can't catch it from me  :D

SSD is fine btw  :thumbsup:


I know this is going to sound just awful, and I sincerely hope it's taken in the way it's intended, but I think it's much better to have a (minor) stomach bug than to have troubles with the new hardware. WE heal, after all, whereas the computer doesn't. :) Get well soon, Freddy.
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


I know what you mean Dave, but believe me if you were in as much pain as I was Thursday night for something like 5 hours non stop I think you would have settled for a dodgy bit of hardware ;)


Sorry your not feeling Freddy, Hope you get well soon.
If you ask me, I would not want either of the two choices for they both [spoiler]censored[/spoiler] ;)