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M$ Fined

Started by Diesel, March 06, 2013, 19:08:27 PM

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Found this today, nice to see M$ getting it's back-side kicked. I wonder how much this will cost everyone in Europe.  :scratch-head:

It WILL be fine !...


I wonder where the money will go.  :scratch-head:


Might be interesting to keep a close eye on the cost of 7 and 8 over the next month or two.  :-X
It WILL be fine !...


I know M$ agreed to the terms a while back, but common it is not like one cannot install a different browser. to me this lawsuit is hogwash......Googles laptops came with crome only installed, ipads come with safari installed only, I mean common now.

however like I said M$ did agree and did not follow, and this is going to hurt M$ a bit.

I'm thinking this is a fine example of government depressing technology  :scratch-head:


I'm on M$ side with this one.

Another example of the EU getting it wrong and basically not knowing what they are doing.

You have to have a web browser built in to the operating system so you can then go online and download your favourite browser, which is exactly what people do now and I don't hear anyone complaining about it other than a bunch of un-elected EU ...


Place me, please, firmly in the same camp as Data and the {evil} Uncle Bill. Microsoft shouldn't have to advertise for their competitors, IMHO. that's just asinine. And Data, I think the word you're looking for is DUMB@$$E$. :P
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Yeah, "DUMB@$$E$" that's the word I was looking for, thanks Dave  :thumbsup:

And as Diesel said, keep an eye on the price of Windows, it's probably going to go up to pay for this.
Maybe that's why Win 8 pro is so expensive to buy at £189  :angry: