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Started by Freddy, April 15, 2015, 21:14:57 PM

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So I used a free online video place today that gets YouTube videos. It was something I would like to keep in case the video gets taken down. Just a tutorial.

I got a load of junk installed on my PC and Chrome was hijacked. So I got Malwarebytes to remove it all. Had to remove one thing by hand.

But anyway, what the heck is Microsoft Security Essentials supposed to actually do ? It has never detected anything on my machine. Malwarebytes found about 30 dodgy things. I've never cleaned the PC since I last installed and I am very careful. But MSE, is it actually doing anything ?


For me, MSE has detected several bits of malware within files that I've downloaded, while occasional scans with MWB and Trend Micro's Housecall have turned up nothing, so my experience is positive. Nothing is 100%, I'm afraid, especially with new forms of attacks. I hate saying "luck of the draw", but that's pretty much it.
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Have to agree with Dave, I've seen MSE catch plenty of nasty things on various computers, lets not forget how good it is on resources, it doesn't seem to slow down a PC much at all.

But yes I have seen things get through it and infect machines too.

It's a balancing act between having a fast PC or a slowed down one that MIGHT be safer.

Anyhow I'm glad you got the nasty things out of your computer, at the end of the day you have succeeded, so well done  :thumbsup:

Should have used IE maybe ?  ;D


Well I downloaded AVG and scanned the whole computer to be safer. There was nothing else detected by AVG, then I uninstalled it.

I may have typed rashly I think MSE has found a couple of things, not many as I said I am careful.

I'll keep using it.

Today's Malware affects all browsers so even if I had used IE it would probably still have picked it up.


Quote from: Freddy on April 15, 2015, 22:21:27 PM
Today's Malware affects all browsers so even if I had used IE it would probably still have picked it up.

I'm not 100% sure of that mate, IE talks to MSE, chances are it could have stopped you getting infected and prevented the files getting executed, it is possible.

The last bunch of IE up-dates were heavily aimed at security.

Use Chrome as your every day browser and IE when you do something out of the ordinary maybe, just a thought  :)


But Data, if he does that and gets infected, should he blame IE, or the dodgy site? :P (personally, I'd give him crap over visiting the dodgy site, but... :P )
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


I do use IE for things like that. This one just seemed legit, so I fell into the trap.  ;D


All's well that ends well  ;)