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MP3 tag editor

Started by Data, November 18, 2015, 13:30:03 PM

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I've been going through my old MP3's and adding the new tags and artwork to them, found this nice little free, stand alone program if anyone is interested.


That's what I use for mine, it's nice and simple to use.


That's a feature that's built into Winamp, though the online lookup uses Gracenote. Winamp even has "batch mode", which allows you to look up and automatically set all of the ID3 data at once, which is handy if you just converted all of your albums to MP3 files (not to sell, but for personal use, of course! ;)).
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Didn't know Winamp could do it, good tip  :)

Hey guys, check this out.   Now, this looks like great fun!

= array(
"title" => "Re:Start",
"artist" => "Re:\Legion",
"comment" => "A nice track"
$result id3_set_tag"path/to/example.mp3"$dataID3_V1_0 );
if (
$result === true) {
"Tag successfully updated\n";

There is much more information at ...

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Amazing what PHP can do sometimes - I was using a library to convert WAV to MP3 - who'd expect PHP to do that.


I just found another Bzip2 conveter which is used with Haptek, have to give it a try although the last one tried didn't work.  It would be nice if Freddy got a character that would work for Hal,  much work involved don't think it will happen though.


Off topic but I will just answer Carl. No there's no chance the way things stand of me making an avatar system for UltraHal - I don't see anything developing over there - Rob's been saying he will do things for a few years now and nothing comes to light.

Well, let's include Carl's contribution to this topic,
by pointing out that bzip2 is yet another little known
function in PHP:

If anyone knows more about this, please go on...
I would like to hear more about it.

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I've not had an opportunity to use bzip in PHP, but I've made use of PHP's ZipArchive class in several projects, and I find it quite useful. :)

Sorry, mates. Just following Freddy's example.
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What I find thought provoking, looking at this on a preliminary basis... (So, correct me if I am wrong.)
bzip2 compresses on a single file basis, while ZipArchive compresses on a multiple file basis.  So, there must be an advantage to bzip2?  Better bandwidth, maybe?

Mentioned politely, I don't feel this discussion is off topic, or at least not way far off topic.  Afterall, MP3 is a form of compression which makes audio files much smaller.  So a discussion of compression relates to an editor which has to handle MP3 compression to access the tags.
My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine