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Problems shutting down and restart problems

Started by Freddy, August 19, 2018, 23:07:20 PM

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Had this trouble for a few weeks, thought I would ask to see if anyone knows a fix. Can't seem to find anything specific with Google.

Basically I get this...

a) Instead of going to sleep due to inactivity it may shut down altogether, other times it works as expected.
b) When trying to restart the PC will hang so I have to press the reset button.
c) When choosing to shut down it will hang until eventually showing a blue screen then do a restart instead.

Like I said sometimes it works as expected other times it doesn't.

Thanks for any help :)


Are all the drives working OK?

It's a process of elimination, I would try disconnecting all but the os drive and see if it still misbehaves.


Drives are working fine as is everything else.

The fact it does it sometimes and not others, makes it difficult to isolate.


Blue screen is normally caused by hardware, so I would start by removing some, including USB devices, apart from keyboard mouse, Other than that nothing jumps out as an obvious cause.

Have you installed any divers recently would be another thing to check.

Oh and when searching Google for the problem try using your win 10 build number in the search.


I don't fancy pulling things apart. I'll just live with it as it's only occasional. I just wondered if anyone had heard of it somewhere along the line.

I forget when it started, but it's been a few weeks, so I am unsure of anything changing in that time.

I'll try mentioning the build on Google if I look again.

Thanks  :thumbsup:


Here is something quick you could try:

In power plan settings, set "put computer to sleep" to "never"

Restart PC

Then put the power plan setting back to what it was.

That will reset the power management, worth a try.


Done, will see if that does anything, thanks  :D


  I had a minor problem with shut down and restart, after shutdown the start would try to find a website to restart from instead of going to the SSD.  More annoying than anything, after a try or so it would go to the SSD and start as normal.  The main drive likes to be on number I think it is 0 maybe 1 drive, since making this change it starts without problems.  I can't recall the last time I saw a blue screen maybe an older OS.  More than one drive so be sure the OS is on the lowest number and remove the rest as a start.  I remember something that as computers became quicker it would run into problems because it shut down before the processor was finished.