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Slow shut downs lately

Started by Freddy, September 17, 2020, 12:43:15 PM

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Anyone else getting slow shut downs recently?

I am not sure if it's windows updating as there is no updating message. I just turn off the PC and for a few minutes the screen turns off but the PC stays on. Not always, eventually it shuts down. It used to be within a few seconds.


Not happening here, still on widows version 1909.

Did you do the recent up-date ?


Version   10.0.18362 Build 18362

I think there was an update a few weeks back  :scratch-head:


I think officially your version is called 1903, so yes it's older than my version, there is also a newer version than mine called 2004, I'm 1 version behind, you are 2 versions behind now.  

I guess what I'm saying is you have the option the update through windows.

Here is a list of all the windows 10 versions:

All this talk of windows versions made me update to 2004, all went well  :thumbsup:


Okay thanks mate, I will have a look at that tomorrow  :thumbsup: 8)


Seem to have updated to 2004 okay too. Well here's hoping  :fingers-crossed:


I had a couple of things that had started to misbehave in 1909, the photos app was one of them, it wouldn't always display images, also file explore would sometimes take a little too long to open.

2004 has fixed them

I did have to run a clean up after the update to get back 8 GIG it had taken storing the old version of windows, also had to adjust the colour balance on the screen it didn't look right and some games needed the graphic settings adjusting too.

There is a newer version of DirectX 12 in 2004 called "DirectX 12 Ultimate" that probably has something to do with display settings.

All working nice and smooth here now  :thumbsup:


LotRO looks like normal - it's about all I play.

I was getting that image viewer problem too and some programs would stall when you started them - Notepad++ mainly I think.



Sort of or somewhat in line with this whole topic lies the disconcerting fact that we only purchase a LICENSE to USE a particular program, and NOT the program itself!

Having said this, I ran a few programs on my tablet during the past couple days while waiting for a new replacement internal fan for my NEW laptop! Yes, NEW as in only a few months old. Yes, still under warranty but I will not trust sending it to some repair shop with who knows who digging through my laptop with lots of personal information of all kinds, family, photos, transactions of all kinds, etc.
SO...I looked on Youtube and saw a technician open up an identical laptop as mine and how very easy it was to access the fan and replace same. The new fan came a day early TODAY!! and I'm using my new laptop once again!! Quiet as can be...barely any discernable sound at all! YAY!

I digress, getting back to those programs that were "purchased" a while back. They no longer RUN!! They report, File not accessible, server not found or any number of disappointing messages from companies or individuals who are no longer in service or operational. There's no longer a way to contact them either.

Even with a "fresh" backup. a program that needs or looks for a remote database or server for instructions is sitting in still water without a paddle.

Imagine is Google or Facebook would pull their plugs, how much of a ripple effect...correction...Tsunami it would cause!! Hoo-boy!! Lookout!!

I guess a point I'm trying to make might be to try to be somewhat a bit more self contained with the programs and things you enjoy and regularly use, and if they are or seem to be reliant on outside sources, explore other avenues or approach the vendor while there's still time and ask those important questions.

While nothing lasts forever, try to get the most mileage that you can in the digital world while you can!

Good luck!!

Slow? I remember getting my first 1200 baud modem and enjoyed it running circles around my old 300 baud modem!! Flying it was!!  Uhh...right... :scratch-head:


I'm not noticing any slow shutdowns, I tried to find out what version I have using settings but it did not say what I had.  I get regular updates so it should be okay.


To find your windows version:

Click on the search icon on the task bar.

Type in winver then press enter