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Win 7 Fresh Start

Started by Carl2, December 27, 2011, 15:25:45 PM

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  I had a stomach flu shortly before Xmas so I cancled all the social events, I needed to update my Norton virus protection and was able to buy it on sale.  I ran into a little problem putting it in and downloaded a tool from Norton which allowed me to put it in the computer.  Norton v5 is in the computer so I update the software and have it scan everything,  It came up with 65 potential threats which it fixed.  I restart the computer and it will not boot.  Not boot again and again, I tried starting in different modes which didn't work, I tried the Norton bootable disk which booted but didn't help with the problem of booting windows.  As a last resort I was able to use the Image file of Vista to get Vista loaded into the computer so the computer is up and running again. 
  Next it is easy to upgrade to Win7, Download the files from Asus to get the newer drivers need for Win 7.  So now I have a nice clean computer without any of the programs I use, not even the printer software.  I've  unzipped the downloaded files In a special place to be coppied  to a CD, I'd also like to make a copy if the Image file located on a partation of the drive on a CD.  I think I can make a copy of the regestry using regedit.
  I'm really looking for Ideas and suggestions in case I have problems in the future,  I'm not sure but I think Norton was unable to repair because backups were on a partioned drive.  Instead of the C drive.  Also the window backups were unavailable.


Sorry to hear of your stomach flu Carl, they can be nasty, hope you're all better now.

I think most of us here have given up on Norton, for a number of reasons and from what you have said, well its not giving you an easy ride is it.

My advice is probably not what you want to hear though.

Do a clean install of win 7 from the DVD, not one of them up-grade options Vista to Win 7, which I think you have done, you really can't beat a formatted Drive and a clean install.

And use MSE for your anti virus.

Then download all the latest drivers for your hardware from their respective manufacturers sites and not the computers manufacturers site, unless you really have to.


I agree with Data, both on the "fresh install", and on using MSE. Ever since Data convinced me to give Microsoft Security Essentials a go, I've been very impressed with not only how well it works (I've actually tested it, using some "dubious programs" I've had stored on CDROM), but also by how FAST it works. I think it's an amazing bit of software, so I ignore where it came from. :P
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  The stomach flu was the worst one I can remember, pretty much gone now but my nose is a problem again.  It did get me some alone time but I missed the meeting of friends and family.
  The Norton issue is something I'm trying to forget about for the time being, I'll probably stop at the store where I bought it and post my dealings with bad results at the Norton forum to see what they will say.  When the system was running before I'd downloaded and tried quite a few things and it was getting pretty messy which I knew.
  I just looked at the disk I used for Win 7, it OEM software which I believe is what I used to do a clean install for my other computer with the SS drives.  I remember it gave me the option of saving settings or removing everything.  Also I downloaded the drivers for the video card from Nvidia.  I just found out that my security program is not compatable with this version of windows. I'll probably remove it and try MSE, Norton was much better than Kaplasky (name something like that) even the computer complained about it.   
  Unsure at this time,