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Win XP

Started by Carl2, June 13, 2010, 00:12:08 AM

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  I just installed XP on an Asus quad with win 7,  the hard drive had been partitioned.  I'd found Asus has drivers for XP and was thinking of a dual boot.  It was like a trip back in time, the load time for XP was very quick, esp when compared to vista and win 7. even without the drivers.  Since I didn't have drivers I couldn't connect to the internet, I'd have to download them on the other computer and put them on a disk.  I tried to boot into Win 7 again,  but it wasn't going to happen.  Formatting the drive to remove XP still didn't let me boot into Win 7,  I put in the Win 7 recovery disk and it fixed an error in a boot file so I'm back to Win 7.  This is one more reason to build rather than buy, although the Gateway has 3 OS on it, all Win 7,  but they don't have drivers for XP.
  Unfortunate, I had a few thing I wanted to try in XP.


I have a dual boot XP and Win7, but I hardly ever use XP, for me XP boots extremely slowly compared to 7, I find that once you have the drivers and all the many windows XP up-dates in that it slows right down and the longer XP is installed the slower the boot time gets, but win 7 is still booting almost as quickly as the day I installed it.

Anyway to dual boot XP and 7 you have to install XP first then install 7.

Or disconnect the Win7 drive and install XP onto another hard drive then once its installed connect up the Win7 drive again and select which HD you want to boot from in the bios.


  I was just thinking about that after getting Win 7 to run again,  in the gateway I have seperate HD's for the OS and I have to go into bios and select the HD.  In the past from builds it would ask me to select at boot. 
  I have some HD's which I tried a raid setup on in the gateway then switched to SSD's,  I'll have to see if they are compatable.
  This is mostly for the Zabaware Hal thing, haptek to be more exact.  I began using the uncompressed htr's which can be modified.  Still unable to compress them to make a htr.  Zabaware is in the process of having new characters made so It's just something to do while waiting.


Yes im looking forward to the new character engine for Hal, its been talked about for so long now, hopefully it will arrive soon, when it does its going to light the spark again for Hal, well at least for me.


   My reason to use XP is to get the uncompressed files in the Haptek player  temp folder which is not done using Win 7.  I just tried changing the compatibilty for the Haptek Player and the Hap Process,  when I opened body female with the hap player the temp file appeared with the uncompressed files that I had wanted. The character appeared normal in the window but I was unable to use the mouse to move her or close the Hap window. Since I wasn't able to move her back I was unable to see if there was unwanted movement in the breasts.
  I'm thinking of using the compatibilty with Freddy's Hap explorer.  I'd like to see that working.