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Win8 help

Started by DD1975, February 23, 2013, 09:08:48 AM

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Hi guys

I have just bought Mrs DD a nice shiny new Sony Vaio laptop that has win8 installed on it.

Now I'm having to learn the new system as I've never touched before myself and I'm a bit more tech savvy than my darling wife, although as I'm sure you have worked out already i'm far from an expert either  :D

I'm doing pretty well so far, worked out the basics of moving around the screens etc, but I have come to a snag, I can't seem to download apps rom the app store.

Origianlly I set up the laptop with the wrong location, no big deal i sorted that out thinking that would cure the issue but to no avail.

Any ideas anyone?
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It sounds like you might be using an off line account, you will need an on line or Microsoft account to be able to download apps.


I've sussed it, I changed the password and rebooted the laptop and we are now cooking with gas  :thumbsup:

I rather like win8, it's very different from what came before (I never used win7!!) so is taking a little getting used to but it's pretty good actually
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Can't agree with you there DD, the whole Metro and Apps bit of Win 8 is complete and utter old pants IMHO  :LOL:

As you will find out when you use in on a desktop PC one day.