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Windows 11

Started by Data, June 25, 2021, 10:25:11 AM

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The Ryzen bug has now been fixed and there are some interesting results coming from Win 11.

Windows 11 load time is a bit longer than 10.

Windows 11 has a performance boost of up to 5% over 10 in some games.

Windows 11 has a huge performance increase on SSD's (random read and writes).

It's looking good to go with some real performance improvements over 10 but does take a bit longer to boot.


Latest thing I have heard about Microsoft windows 11 was that there was a problem with File Explorer not working correctly. Not sure but to me it would seem that boot time is about the same.
Carl 2


After some alterations to the file system my PC is ready for 11.

Might do that soon.


I'm going to leave it for another couple of months or so, been hearing reports of some more minor bugs found that need attention, there is also a bug come to light regarding SSD slowdowns, especially effecting Samsung M.2 drives.

As there is no rush to upgrade might be wise to hold fire.


Yes, I'll stick too then.  :thumbsup:


What do we think of this?:

Refers to the fix here:

QuoteAddresses an issue that affects the performance of all disks (NVMe, SSD, hardisk) on Windows 11 by performing unnecessary actions each time a write operation occurs. This issue occurs only when the NTFS USN journal is enabled.  Note, the USN journal is always enabled on the C: disk.


They have certainly found a lot of bugs and fixed them.

I would be happy to install 11 now but I'm not doing it until I've moved, mostly because I have a few e-mail conversations/threads that I want to keep track of.

Some of the gaming FPS scores on 11 are well ahead of 10 now. so there is a real reason to up-grade for me.


I'm going to give it a whirl then, wish me luck.


Good luck mate, I'm off out for a drive  ;)


It's better  8)

11 seems a bit snappier and LOTRO works which is the main thing.  :LOL:

Hope you enjoyed your drive.


I watch a lot of hardware videos on YouTube, win 11 is now the goto OS for testing, it's the beginning of the end for win 10.

Glad the install went well  8)


One thing I was concerned about was Unity and the Wars of Midnight project - but I just updated Unity and checked it and all is fine.

Hopefully the stuff on XAMPP will be okay too.


XAMPP is working fine :thumbsup:

It's only been a few hours using it, but it is a nice improvement. The UI has been reworked and looks nicer than it used to. They've given a lot of things rounded borders which look nice I think. And they have updated the icons.

Things like the Window file explorer are tidier - using icons in place of some things that were text. They've also separated list items a little more too. It's all easier on the eye.

The new widgets panel is a nice touch too. All tidy and compact. You have an extra desktop tab too.

Dark mode is so much cooler too.

Have you got webmail Data? I was thinking you could forward the important emails to that if you are keen to upgrade.


I'm happy that dark mode is ultra cool, of course I will be using that  8)

I could just save the e-mails to a drive but it's the way they are kept in the conversation that would be lost, there is also some quite sensitive info in there to do with 2 houses, I'm just not going to risk it, I know it would probably be fine but just in case.