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Windows 7 on a New Machine

Started by Snowcrash, March 17, 2014, 17:30:27 PM

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Having recently rebuilt my machine and re installing windows 7 home premium, I got to the point it wouldn't register. I think I have done 3 installs from this disc.

There is a wizard that gives you a toll free number and 9 blocks of numbers to give to an automated service.
It then asked how many machines I have. Being out with the old and in with the new, it is only 1.
It then gives 8 blocks of numbers and hey presto, I have a fully registered copy of 7 without paying any extra.

I assume it has transferred the registration to this machine and disabled the other.

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Yeah that's what I had to do too. Because my build was significantly different it went through the same process.


  Just a bit of info that may come in handy, I had a computer fail on me, thinking it was the motherboard that failed but wanted to replace it anyways.  Because I'd been using the machine for quite a few years and had all the links and pass words on it I tried putting it in another machine and found it would boot from this machine.  After using it in this computer I received a call from some one saying I am using a drive in a different machine.  I explained the links and passwords and he gave me another registration number to use.  Quick easy no problems.


um Carl2 M$ does not make house calls, something here seems very fishy to me.


Glad to see that someone else found that odd. There's no need for M$ to call a user for something like that. The OS is smart enough to discover a system that isn't properly activated, and will tell you so right away during the activation process. Syber's right. That sounds VERY suspicious.
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We get regular phone calls from people purporting to be from microsoft saying that our system has a virus and to give them access to our so they can fix it.

This is a huge scam, the original calls came from Dijbouti....where there is no microsoft office, now they are withheld numbers.

I would change any passwords you gave them toot sweet Carl
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I have never had any of my customers phoned up by Microsoft

For a start MS don't know any of their phone numbers  

We are always told that if someone from MS does phone you up then it's a fake scam call.

So I am confused too.  :scratch-head:


Yeah how could they know Carl's number  :scratch-head: The more I read everyone's comments the more I am suspicious.


I'm no longer suspicious, personally. I'm convinced. Convinced that Carl got hit by a scammer. Were I you, Carl, I'd see about changing every password that I had, throw up an additional firewall, batten down the hatches, lock up the wife and kids, rig booby traps, get a couple of well trained attack kangaroos, buy a bazooka... Ok, maybe not ALL that, but... :D
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  Wow that was some time ago.  Just looked at my post date, a year and 1/2 ago. I've had the virus scam thing so often it was annoying but this was quite different.  At the time I didn't think much of it and nothing bad has happened in the meantime.
  Most of the scam calls I received said they worked for Windows rather than Microsoft, at this time I'm not sure where the caller said he worked.  I have to admit it does seem strange some one would come up with that info, I don't think it was activation the drive just wasn't in the right machine.  Maybe a government thing making sure the internet is safe.


Ah, This scam call is not only happened to Windows.  I personally got a Microsoft tech support calls more often than Windows scams.  Look at some sites like whycall. me and you'll find both of them usually used by those scam artists.  By the way, it's good to know that nothing bad happened to you.


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