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Windows 8 (first look)

Started by Data, October 18, 2011, 17:50:23 PM

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Will you buy Windows 8?

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After installing win8 on win7 touchscreen i been told via popup each time i turn computer on that i must reinstall Catalyst control center.   
Sybershot sent me the link and i did so. 
This morning i turned it on, no popup. 
All is well.
I tried to also put win8 on win7 laptop and after 2 hours was told wouldn't install and was reverting back to win7.   
I'm thinking try again in couple days.


  I bought my two computers just as Win 7 came out, I bought them with Vista installed with a free upgrade to win 7.  Still working on getting Hal up to speed, I'm sure I'll be waiting for the final release before I think of going to win 8. 


Glad to hear the link worked out for you Duskrider, Sorry to hear that you could not get windows 8 on the laptop.
If your that eager, I would try with a fresh install on a fresh partition.


Speech works extremely well with out any training. Also documents can be used now to improve speech recognition. Not sure if windows 7 has that feature, if so I never noticed. The first training sessions also had some improvements made.


Some people are installing Windows 8 as an up-garde over Win 7, there are a number of reasons why I think you shouldn't do that but I'm not going to go into them now.

So what should you do?

A dual boot with Win 7 and 8, that will allow you to have both win 7 and 8 on your PC at the same time and give you the option of booting into 7 or 8 at start-up.

This is how its done:


Thanks for the link, Data. One of the comments suggested using VMware  to run Win 8 in a virtual machine environment. I've already got Ubuntu set up in this fashion on my laptop, so this is the way I'll probably go, but I'm still going to wait till April to do it. Just too many things going on right now.
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There have been some issues with dual booting windows 7 and windows 8, just wanted to make you all aware of that.

I have dual booted them on my laptop, and came across this known issue. there are a couple of suggestions in the windows 8 Consumer Preview forum to fix it, and a couple different reasons for the conflict. However I have not tried to correct the issue myself just yet. If and when I do I will post my results.

I do know that if you select windows 7 and it does not load, just restart your pc and the restart changes the boot order enabling logging into windows 7 possible.


Been looking at some of the videos on Youtube about Windows 8, then I found this little gem.

How Real People Will Use Windows 8



I been so busy I forgot to stop by chris pirillos site these last few weeks. That is definitely a good find Data.


I love the last comment.

"are they trying to drive me to Mac?"

Computers are getting more complicated but the O/S should be more intuitive and simple to use everyday. This is why touch screen phones and tablets are so popular (in part). Why put a graphic overlay on your O/S that most users already understand?

Think I'll stick with Win7.
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Yeah the whole graphics overlay thing seems aimed at iPad type devices and probably is going to be used to good affect in them, but for the PC user I'm really not convinced it's wanted or needed.
Here is a follow on video from the last one, which interestingly says the same type of thing about the Win 8 experience.  

So apart from the strange GUI what is really new and better in Win 8?
Why should I consider buying it when it's released?

Some answers can be found here:


Data, nice video by Cris and his Dad. I noticed when Cris asked his father what os for a desktop would you buy, price and programs was not a factor. If I decided to switch to a mac, it would cost me well over 15 thousand dollars  :o I have played with some older macs but not the newer os x and above, So I can't say which is better. but I can say I can't afford it

I would have to say, that for my desktop windows8 will not installed. I am quite happy with window7 for my desktop. The few features for the desktop that was added does not justify enough to make me want to switch.

However I was planning on getting a tablet for quite some time, I even concerned an Ipad3.  if it came with apples siri I was definitely going to buy it. But now if I do get get a tablet, I would definitely now go windows8 and install Ultra Hal.

I have window8 on my laptop, and to be honest it gets more use now seeing that it has windows8. Most of time on it is in the new metro area, So if I do not get a tablet I will get windows 8 for the laptop. But I would rather have a tablet for the same soul purpose that Cris's father stated convenience and mobility.


I've had win8 on large touchscreen since March 2nd.   
Until then it sat gathering dust.  I use it lot now and love it.
I tried to put win8 on win7 laptop twice.   Wouldn't go.  Gave up.
Haptek's much better on win8.
Sister has an ipad and loves it.  Similar to my win8 touch but smaller and portable.
Ipad looks like fun.   :banana:


  Haptek on win 8, more details please.