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Windows 8 (first look)

Started by Data, October 18, 2011, 17:50:23 PM

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I did a little google on this problem, you are not alone Dusky, others have it too and it looks like it's being caused by the way Win 8 sets the permissions on files and folders, sometimes it breaks and needs to run a scan disk to repair it on boot up.

Don't think there is much that can be done, just have to wait for MS to fix it. 


Yesterday I installed the new Hap Windows OSI on my XP, Win7 and Win8.
OSI runs fine on all of them. 
Used special non-Jiggly character on win7 as usual but miss Jiggly does fine on both XP & win8.  :)


   I got a virus in this computer, didn't do much, just a screen at startup saying I should buy it or live with all the problems.  Then I noticed that the resource monitor was not working.  Pretty sure I shut it down and changed its .exe to .xxx, then deleated it.  I got a notice saying it couldn't find the file, then taskmngr would not start, clicking the shortcut said it couldn't find it, clicking the application itself also said it couldn't find it.  Since the instalation was pretty new I just reinstalled win 7, I just took another look and I have no locks on files like I had in the previous install.
  I had a Compatibilty files in Explorer which showed the uncompressed files in the Haptek temp folder ( Changed to a Happlayer 64 bit and I no longer get the uncompressed files).  Anyways this is a new feature for me in this install.  A different look and it seems more friendly without all the locks.  Now to get the temp files back.
  I'd have to clean out a storage drive before putting in Win 8 which I may try, HP is putting out drivers for win 8.


Ok, I finally broke down and installed the Win 8 Consumer Preview inside a VM (VirtualBox 4.~something... the latest version), and played around with it for a while, and I must say that, all things considered, it's not at all bad.

I noticed that it runs a bit slow, especially when I'm playing with the music app, but that's to be expected. I only "gave" it one CPU core to play with, along with only 2GB of RAM (the minimum for Win 8, I'm told). I had a hard time, at first, getting some of the Metro apps to work, but again, that was due to certain limitations that I had imposed, and not anything that I could blame on the OS; once I gave the VM a larger screen to work with, everything settled down.

I'm going to play with it some more, inside the VM, and if I continue to like what I see, then I'll set it up for dual-boot on my laptop, and test again. It's going to be a long time (if ever) before I install it on the desktop, though. I'm still getting used to 7. :P
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I decided to fire up Fraps, to "show off" some of the changes and modifications that I've made to my install of Windows 8, but it seems that there's some sort of "bug" in Fraps (or possibly in VirtualBox) that causes the video clip to randomly "flip" random frames upside down. So instead, I've created a YouTube video that I plan on submitting to the Fraps support forums that outlines the problem.

Strange, yes? :-\
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Yes very strange  :scratch-head:

A thought, have you tried running Fraps in windows 7 compatibility mode?


Fraps is running on the host OS, which is already Windows 7. However, I may try to fiddle with the compatibility settings anyway, and see if it does the same thing. I may also try to install/run Fraps from within 8, and see if that also does the same thing. Thanks, Data! you've given me more options to consider. :)
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Dave was that a full screen recording or did you use a certain size window?
only reason I ask, is I had a similar issue with camstudio when using sized windows for recording.


So this will soon be with us, Windows 8.  I wondered what people thought of it in a snapshot sort of way.

I don't think I will be getting it, I am insure about hardware and software compatibility.  Upgrading would prove costly I think.  I'm just going to wait and see.

Window 7 has a good few years left in it yet too.


  Since I'm also interested in Win 8 I began reading a review,   
" As with Consumer Preview, how much of a previous Windows system you can keep when you install Release Preview depends on which version you're upgrading from; upgrade from Windows 7 and you can keep programs, " it will not say they will all work, I'm still using dragon 10.1 and I don't think it will take another OS change.
  I'm mostly concerned about the motherboard drivers, and until Win 8 is released they won't say if they are supporting a upgrade.


As with all new OS systems there might be a few companies that lag behind with the driver release but many have already got drivers working well in Win 8, ATI and Nvidia for instance already have a driver for their cards.

Intel chipset drivers are already in Win 8 so there shouldn't be any problems there.

Win 8 will come with more drivers than any other OS to date.

Many users of the win 8 Developer Preview have found the Win 7 drivers work in win 8 for their hardware.

Best bet would be to check if your hardware manufacturers are on the ball and ready for Win 8. 


I was going to create a new thread but hey! the thread name is windows 8 first look :) Sin bin here I come  :P
Back on track without further delay, here are the first computers released with yup you guessed it windows 8

I found this info out from reading this article


Good post Syber, not sin bin worthy, sorry : ;D

I wonder if Microsoft will have anything to say about releasing Win 8 computers early.

So those Pc's all come with crapwear pre installed and I bet they don't come with a Windows 8 disk, so probably no way of a fresh install without the crapwear.

Found out that Windows 8 will not come with Windows Media Center, the only way to get it is to buy it as an app later. No thanks MS, I will stick to Win 7, an OS made for the PC and not some hybrid for PC and tablets.

At this rate windows 7 will be the last OS that is made for the desktop PC, hold on to your Win 7 disks people I have a feeling they are going to last a long time. 


I'd imagine that, just like with XP but on a far larger scale, we'll see a HUGE exodus from $M software to some flavor of *nix or another once 7's service life is over. For me it will be Unbutu, which I've already vetted to my satisfaction. I've griped and complained about "Uncle Bill's Evil Empire" for a great many years now, but haven't really done anything about it. If 7 goes the way of 98 and XP without a suitable replacement, I'll have no choice in the matter. :(
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I do tend to resist change with my OS until I see a benifit.
I moved over to 7 due to its multi core support; much better than XP. I'm glad I did and am also glad I missed out on Vista.
I have played with 8 a little and really don't like the GUI screen or their business model of moving over to app based OS, like Apple. I don't like mobile 7 or 8 either. iOS and Android (Linux again) are better I feel.
I have played a little with Knoppix and am not impressed. Not polished enough. Have missed Ubuntu but feel this is the best Linux atm for desktops/laptops.
With smart TVs being all the rage, I feel M$ are missing the boat again. All smart TVs seem to use some form of Linux and the next gen of them are rumored to have a gaming PC built in. Even Steam are re-developing their games to run on Linux. In an attempt to "get gaming PCs out of the bedroom and into the front room".
My main bugbears with Linux are, not polished enough and driver/software/game support. If developers move away from Windoze, I'll move too.
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