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XP slow shut down (possible fix)

Started by Data, January 25, 2011, 17:27:48 PM

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If you have windows XP and are in the waiting room with your XP buddies, all suffering from the slow shut down problem there is a fix from Microsoft that is worth a try.


  At one time I had 3 computers all with XP, can't remember having problems other than the fact that XP had serious virus problems.  I think that were the days I'd reformat and reinstall. I think I also remember there was a time when the computer was accused of shutting down to fast.
  Anyways a good link for people having problems with XP,  Wish I had it.


A dual boot maybe Carl, XP and Win7, I can't deny I do still occasionally use XP, have a dual here.

Don't have the slow shutdown problem on my XP, but I do get asked to try to speed up other peoples XP quite a bit, never use any of the PC clean-up software that's out there but little fixes like this can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. (If you're lucky  :D)


Thanks Data, I may try this on my Mum's PC.  :thumbsup: