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Norfolk wind farms

Started by Freddy, March 05, 2020, 12:06:55 PM

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Saw this today. At first I thought, well why are we turning to celebrities for an opinion - I feel an energy expert would be more qualified. But then it does start a conversation and Kryten is well informed on things like this today. So I put my negative thoughts on hold and opened up.

If they went overland like they are afraid of then it would probably cause a mess. I like trees too, but they can be replanted and after a decade or so I imagine it will have recovered a lot. Anyway, they prefer the idea of having it done off shore, so there's something to be said for their outcry.

Interesting and not too long a read.


We had quite a lot of large trenches dug for the Brighton wind farm, wasn't that long ago but you wouldn't know they were there now.

Offshore wind is the best solution we have, wouldn't it be better to have a little inconvenience and a cleaner future, or should we carry on burning stuff for our energy, I know what I would choose.

Off course they have to get the power inland to the grid and our homes some way and it needs to be easily accessible in case of faults.

The celebrities would be among first to complain when their lights went out  ;D

Anyway I hope this new project does go ahead, one way or another  8)


I think it will go ahead, we have loads of them already. I agree that it's for the best either way.  :)