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Report a Smoky Vehicle online

Started by Data, August 25, 2020, 11:35:51 AM

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Seen a smoky vehicle in the UK and want to do something about it ?

Now we can report it using this quick online form:

Report a Smoky Vehicle


This sort of thing appeals to me. I once was seriously thinking of starting a site to photo people who park without thinking about others - I think there was already a site though.


Yes this is the kind of thing that people will either love or hate but we have to stop being poisoned by these vehicles.

Smoky Vehicles are illegal in the UK.

I've set this topic sticky to make it quicker to find.


I didn't know about them being illegal in the UK but certainly a good notion!

Yesterday, the wife and I were about to park and noticed a new-looking pickup truck parked across the whole side of the Handicapped pavement markings!

Not only could a car not park there but I have to wonder if the owner was actually aware of how crooked they had parked? Then again, perhaps that is their handicap! They failed the parking section of their Drivers Training test at school!!  ::)

While I don't think we have such a law or site for reporting such violations, it may eventually come to that!


I think we have a legal definition of "parked". Something like less than 1m (3 foot) from the curb.

My statement to the missus when spotting a badly parked vehicle is "That's not parked, that's abandoned".
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