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Started by Data, July 24, 2017, 10:01:41 AM

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If you're asking if I can view the advert, the answer is yes. If you're asking if the thing would be at least a little effective, probably. That final quote in the advert is from the movie "Network", which is oddly enough one of my all time favorite movies, but you  don't have to convince me here; just the more than 60% of Americans who don't believe that our world's climate is changing, and not for the better. :)
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I'm just glad you can view it now Dave after posting that you couldn't in your country, now you know what me and Freddy were talking about. That was all  :)


Have a look at a nice new Tesla solar roof, the owner is going to hopefully power is house and charge his car from it, fantastic, can't help but think we are looking at the future here, the potential for this technology is massive and it's from the USA, the Yanks should be proud of this  8)


I see that Tesla are supplying more large power banks to the world, yeah their Gigafactory doesn't just make batteries for EV's.

I think the plan in the UK is to get rid of most of the gas fired power stations and replace them with power banks that can be used at times of peak demand.

Bit of info here:


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Was that video made in the 80's or something  :scratch-head:  :LOL:

Battery storage is coming both on grid and in homes, it's like the guy has never heard of it or done his research  :angry:

I refer you to my previous post  :thumbsup:

In a nutshell the extra free energy that solar and windfarms make will be stored in batteries to be used at peak times, job done  :D


You took the words right out of my mouth, Data. :) Large scale battery grid storage may not be here quite yet, but it IS coming, and fairly soon.
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I came across this article recently, it was originally posted on January 01, 2018, since then things have been moving at quite a rate.

QuoteThe UK Could Install 12 Gigawatts of Energy Storage by 2021

Full Article

Maybe they will hit 12 Gigawatts or less or even more, we do know that they are taking it seriously and thanks to our friends across the pond (Tesla Energy) it could happen even sooner now.

Tesla Energy deploys another Powerpack project in the UK

We also have new energy companies starting up to address the coming EV demands, here is one.
Balancing the Grid

It's all good  :)


I know we have looked at solar/power-wall before but it's always good to see a new one installed and get a bit more info.

This technology really does work and its here now.

Power your house and car from the sun  :sign-rock-on:


Hot off the press and some great news  8) if it happens  :fingers-crossed:

QuoteElon Musk ‘to build the world’s biggest battery’ in Britain as part of £400m plans to carpet a swathe of Kent marshland with almost a million solar panels

Full Story


Solar panels great, loss of rare wildlife not great.

Surely they can find some poor-yield farm land somewhere rather than destroy a valuable wildlife habitat...


I think you make a valid point Freddy but then I think wherever they build them people will complain. It's not finalised yet and the green campaigners that are against the project might win the fight. We need to find places to build these solar/battery farms before it's too late, the clock is ticking. 


Thanks for understanding  :)

I'm all for solar panel farms, but not at this kind of expense. I find this a surprising choice of venue when a lot of people pushing green technology will ague what they do has less impact on the environment - for example avoiding oil slicks. Great, no oil slicks, it's just a shame we ruined the Marsh Harrier habitat and they all died out... Double standards at best.

For those kind of reasons I think it's hypocritical to go ahead with this, it's no better than what we have now if we have to lose things like this. And this only makes me think Musk is just another money grabbing industrialist who doesn't care what impact this has on the local environment.

As I said, there must be plenty of poor ground in the UK that has low yields. There's millions of roofs. There's brown field all around. Old RAF stations have huge landing greens. What about all that land ruined by coal mining... You get the idea.

Rant over :LOL: but I will never approve of something like this, call me Nature Boy  ;D


Putting my money where my mouth is, Nature Boy went and signed a petition to block it sorry  :-[



Fair enough mate, in the meantime global warming is kicking in, the world is getting hotter, better not leave it too long or there won't be any life to worry about on earth.

I really hope they can find a place to build it that doesn't upset too many people.