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Smart Meters

Started by Freddy, July 02, 2018, 00:03:47 AM

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Quote from: Snowcrash on October 26, 2018, 18:20:43 PM
Found this teardown of a smart meter.

At first I wasn't sure what the video was going to be like, I thought it might be one of them "smart meters are bad" videos but no, it was actually a well balanced view of a teardown.  :thumbsup:

I found the bit about it's ability to adjust the energy prices interesting, that must be one of a smart meters reasons for being, they have the ability to charge us more at peak times in a effort to change our habits and balance the grid, especially as we move towards renewable energy. 

Another reason for smart meters is obviously so no one has to read them, which will in-turn save money for the energy companies. Some of that saving "could" trickle down to the customer.

I've had my smart meter for a year now, my energy prices "bills" haven't really changed much but having the ability to see how much I am spending at any given time is something that I wouldn't want to be without now.

Anyway, good video Snowy, thanks for posting  :)


No news about smart meters around here, still the meters with dials going around.  I believe they use an rf signal so the meter transmits the data instead of having someone go up and read the meter.


I still think I will hold off as I'll be somewhere new soon I hope.


Anyone seen the latest adverts about smart meters ?

Gone is the spin about them saving money, now its all about green energy and making a smarter grid, which is what I said from the beginning  :D


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