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Storage Batteries For Renewable Energy Are the Holy Grail

Started by Freddy, July 31, 2021, 14:09:02 PM

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Thought this might interest you Data.

QuoteUnveiled after years of work, an energy startup in Massachusetts is claiming that in a few years they can produce, at scale, "the battery you need to fully retire coal and natural gas plants."

Hoping to solve the key challenge with renewable energy—that of storage—Form Energy's new battery technology, which they're calling the "Holy Grail," ditches lithium for one of the most abundant minerals on Earth: iron.


Yes it does interest me, had my eye on this one for a little while already, its main drawback seems to be the energy density is quite low, the tech should work but will take up a lot of space, it will need large areas and a lot of manufacturing to succeed, if nothing else it should go into the mix of a cleaner future for everyone.

The future is going to be a bit of this and that, I personally don't think any one technology will become the "Holy Grail" just yet.

All good though, thanks for posting Freddy  :thumbsup:


I see this as a very good alternative to lithium technologies. Lithium is still the best for energy density but if weight and space are not your primary cost issues, then this makes more sense. All down to £££ $$$ and that goes down with development and manufacture scaling.

Lithium still has it's issues.
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